Iran needs to import 2 million tons of coal / domestic coal deficit is tangible / Increased investment depends on price transparency
Mining News Pro - Regarding the inflation at the expense of the coal industry, if the coal pricing committee is not set up by the end of October, unfortunately, coal mines will face a crisis, the secretary said.

According to Mining News Pro -The coal industry is one of the most important industries in our country, but at present manufacturers in the industry and miners are facing serious problems due to the low price of coal in the country, which is considered by producers to be acknowledged if anything It will not be possible to develop this industry faster than its actual pricing, but due to the

significant gap between domestic demand and its cruel sanctions to import coal, the country`s high-grinding steel industry is in serious trouble.

In this regard, the secretary of the coalition of Iran on the goals of the formation of the coal association said: "Coal is one of the main mineral minerals in our country.

On the other hand, it is a strategic fuel coal that is used globally as a reliable source of energy. The importance of coal in the world is such that even in some countries, the coal ministry is active and operating.

Samadi added that our country also has a significant world reserve of one billion and 200 million tons of coal reserves. On the other hand, given the fact that 90 percent of the world`s steel production with coal-fired furnaces is added, it adds to the importance of this industry.

He added that while the coal industry is among the most expensive industries, he said, adding that our country is interested in developing mines and employment. Accordingly, considering the importance of this coal industry industry, it is considering long-term goals.

Samadi emphasized: Given that coal is considered as a reliable and reliable source of energy, as well as a source of transportable and storage energy, the coal industry seeks to preserve the interests of the industry and bring the coal market to Converts a form.

The Secretary of the Coalition said in response to the question that Iran`s current situation in terms of coal supply and demand is: Overall, Iran`s total coal production is 1.5 million tons.

Referring to the fact that most of Iran`s coal production is currently consumed in the Isfahan Iron and Steel Works, said the current consumption of the country is about 3 and a half million with the launch of the No. 1 Iron Melting Furnace, as well as Zarand Steel, which is carrying out the tests necessary to set up. Tons of coal concentrate and, with regard to domestic production, about two million tonnes of domestic consumption should be supplied from abroad, which, given the cruel boycott, was not feasible, or if the sanctions were circumvented at a much higher price It will be possible from world prices.

According to the official in the country`s coal industry, referring to the future of the industry, given the fact that in the near future the steelmaking plant MIDHCO, located in Zarand, will be launched, the amount of domestic coal concentrate will surely be measured.

He also wondered whether there would be a plan to increase the production in this industry, given the increased demand for domestic coal concentrate in the near future, said: According to the reserves of one billion and 200 million tons of coal in the country, production increase It`s not hard to do, because both in terms of technical and technological knowledge, and in terms of supplying and supplying external equipment, it is easy to access, but the important thing is that there should be proper investment in this industry.

The secretary of the coalition added: "Until the future of the coal industry`s pricing in our country is clear, we can not expect increased investment in this area.

Even though some investments have already been made in this industry, these investments are slowing down due to the lack of clarity about the status of coal in Iran. Therefore, if coal is invested appropriately, it will take less than 5 years to reach the desired result.

Therefore, given Iran`s availability of suitable coal resources, increased production is not a difficult task and only requires investment.

Samadi said that, given that some of the investments made in the coal industry are currently facing losses due to problems with the sale price of products, other investors have little desire to enter this area. However, if there is a clear vision of the future of coal in Iran, it will not be possible to reach production of 4 and even 5 million tons of concentrate a year.

He also emphasized that the use of coal in the country is generally concentrated, the development of the coal industry in the country is necessary.

Export is not a priority but ...

The Secretary General of the Iranian Coalition said the prospects for the export of Iranian coal concentrates and said: "Given that the domestic consumer is required to meet part of his needs from abroad and based on world prices, in the current conditions of coal exports in The producers are not the top priority, but if there is a gap between the price of domestic coal and the global market, it will continue to be more seriously exported.

He emphasized that due to the coefficient of converting coal to concentrate about 40 percent, he emphasized that export of crude coal is not economic and should look solely at the export of concentrates and coke to the economic point of view: From the beginning of the year, three consignments of coal concentrate exports We had rocks and now customers are looking to conclude long-term contracts with Iran.

The official acknowledged that long-term contracts have significant features where there is a possibility of price increases being bridged and that the buyer pays out to the seller an advance payment, both of which are in favor of the coal industry in Iran.

He said about the significant difference in the domestic and global prices of coal and real plans for the price of domestic coal. In order to achieve realistic prices for coal, since the beginning of this year, we have sent a number of letters to the ministry, asking for a coal support committee To determine the price of each year.

Unfortunately, the coal mines will face a crisis, given the inflation at the expense of the industry, if the coal pricing committee is not set up by the end of October.

20% increase in coal prices versus 100% increase in equipment prices

He added: Since the beginning of this year, the price of coal has once increased by 20% to 610 thousand tomans per ton. However, all the equipment needed by the industry has risen from 70% to 100% since the beginning of the year. Consequently, the 20% increase in the price of coal concentrate is not enough, and the continuation of these conditions for the development of the coal industry and, consequently, the steel industry in the country will suffer a crisis.

What is the quality level of Iranian coal?

Samadi also answered the question of whether the concept of the quality level of Iranian coal concentrates is believed to be lower than the quality of Iranian charcoal compared to other countries. "In general, it can not be said that Iran`s coal concentrate is higher or lower than the rest of the world, because there are more than 100 types of concentrates in the world whose quality is different, and the price of each one according to the parameters Different types are determined. Therefore, in order to compare the quality level of Iranian concentrates with the world, it is important to determine which index is a criterion for measuring the quality of the world.

The official said: Generally, the best coal concentrate in the world is Australia`s premium brand. Accordingly, if we compare the Iranian coal concentrate with this Australian brand, it can be said that it has about 60 to 70 percent of its quality.

He pointed out that in general the quality of coal is measured on the basis of various parameters, said: Iranian coal concentrate has a very favorable conditions for some parameters, and in others it has a weaker level. But in general, it can be said that in terms of quality, Iranian coal is in a moderate position globally.

If we had no domestic coffer

The secretary of the coalition of Iran on the price ratios of Iranian coal concentrates to the world markets said: At present, the price of coal-like coal in Iran is about 130 to 140 dollars per ton without consideration of the cost of transport and insurance, as well as the capital`s sleep for its transfer Is.

He added that while the price of concentrate in the domestic market, taking into account the recent increase of 20%, was 610 thousand tomans per tonne, which can almost be said without taking into account the sanctions and even with the dollar of the secondary market currency, taking into account 60% Global internal concentrations are much less than half the global market. However, if domestic consumers want to meet their needs from world markets, taking into account shipping costs and other costs, the price per tonne of Iran-like concentrations will not be less than $ 200, which would be $ 15,000 Consider less than 3 million USD. This is while the price of the Free-Premium Premium Concentrate will be more than 4 million and 200 thousand dollars.

At the end, he stressed: "We expect the rate of domestic coal to reach about 1 million Tomans per ton for the current year, and in the year 98, the price of coal will be priced in line with the global price in Iran."

Samadi said that this is expected due to the necessity of developing the industry and encouraging investment in it as well as the growth of the level of equipment needed for coal mines, as well as taking into account the existing critical situation, and the association to achieve this important all its efforts Will be.

He added: "With the liberalization of coal prices in the country, we hope that the country`s coal industry flourishes and reaches its real position and will provide a significant employment opportunity for the country in underdeveloped regions, because we believe that the realization of the price of the product in this industry can be flourishing. Significantly in the underdeveloped regions of the country.

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