Supply of 50 thousand tons of sponge iron 4 steel complexes
Mining News Pro - The Industrial and Mining Forum of the Iranian Stock Exchange on Sunday, October 8, hosts 50,000 tons of sponge iron.

According to Mining News Pro -20,000 tons of sponge iron, Golgohar iron and steel development company, 10,000 tons of Sabzevar Sparkling Iron Pars Steel, 10,000 tons of SirjanSponge Iron World and 10,000 tons of Sirjan Sponge Iron in this hall.


According to the report, 1,600 tons of copper wire and 20,000 tons of low-grade copper are also available at the Industrial and Mining Forum.

According to the report, 13,000 tons of edible and durum wheat and 400 tons of raw sugar are also available at the Agricultural Products Forum.

According to the report, 9,756 tons of bitumen and moisture insulation are being offered at the exposition hall of Iran`s stock exchange.

The Petroleum and Petrochemical Complex also has a total of 1,886 tons of chemical and polymer materials.

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