Mobarakeh Steel Co. and NICICO have the most market value in Tehran Stock Exchange
Mining News Pro - At present, the price of a share of two companies is less than 1000 Rials, which is the reduction in the number of shares below this price due to recent stock prices of the stock index.

According to Mining News Pro - A look at the statistics on stock market trades this September shows that the market value of Tehran Stock Exchange issuers increased by more than 12, 240, 000, 000 by the end of this month.

This is due to the fact that among the 325 companies operating in Tehran Stock Exchange, the first to third place in terms of market value to the Persian Gulf petrochemical industry is $ 8,228,000, Mobarakeh Steel Isfahan with $ 7,893,000, and the national industry Copper in Iran is $ 4,830,000.

Also, Golgohar Iron Ore Companies, Pars Petrochemicals, Pars Oil & Gas Development, Persian Mobile Communications, Jam Petrochemicals, Bandar Abbas Oil Refining, and Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Investments Supply with $ 4,489,920, $ 4,332,840 respectively L, 3, 454, 660, 3, 413, 760, 3, 222, 340, 3, 204, 640, and 3, 157, 320 $ were recorded in the fourth to tenth rankings.

On the other hand, Mazandaran Nash Companies, Mashhad Driving Machines, Yazd Yasd Industries, Derakhshan Tehran, Alomarad, Lamiran, Pars-Ceram, Sina Chemical Industries, Besseram Granites and Pazarr are respectively at the bottom of this table.

Also, the latest survey of P / E issuers of stock exchange indicates that among the companies traded on Tehran Stock Exchange, 85 companies have P / E more than 20 times, 104 companies have P / E between 10 and 20 times, and 100 companies P / E is smaller than 10. This is while 36 companies have negative P / E projections.

The latest status of the final price of each share in the stock exchange indicates that the price per share for 46 companies is more than 10,000 rials, the price per share of 161 companies is also between 3000 and 10,000 Rials.

Also, 116 bourse companies with prices ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 Rials at the Stock Exchange, and the price of the shares of 2 companies is less than 1000 Rials traded.

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