Iralco is required to supply 2,000 tons of downstream aluminum products / Providing half of the commitment by Iran`s aluminum
Mining News Pro - The head of the Central Marine Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said that Iralco is required to provide the aluminum needed by downstream companies.

According to Mining News Pro - Mohammad Reza Hajipour added: According to the resolution of the Resistance Council and the Judicial Council of the province, Iran`s aluminum company is required to provide two thousand tons of aluminum for the downstream companies.

He announced the provision of half of this commitment by Iralco and said that the aluminum amount for a total of 225,000 rials to 16 large aluminum profiles producers has been presented.

Head of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Markazi province added: "Provision of raw material producers of aluminum profiles and classrooms is one of the concerns of provincial officials that is being pursued at various meetings.

Hajipur said production units should file their applications in the search engine so that they can source their raw materials through the stock according to the capacity of the exploitation license and the production conditions.

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