We are not concerned about sanctions in the completion of the Sungun copper smelter / only a quarter of the deal with the outside party.
Mining News Pro - Completion of the production chain at the Sungun Copper Complex is one of the development projects of the Copper Company, which has been re-elected on the election of Mohammad Reza Bonaiasdirad as CEO of the Copper Company. Reza Sharifi, director of Sungun Copper Complex, explains:

According to Mining News Pro - By choosing Mohammad Reza Banisadirad as the CEO of the Copper Company, the issue of tracking and exploiting as quickly as possible the copper development plans in the province of Kerman and East Azarbaijan was on the agenda of the copper company, and now plans such as exploiting Der Alo Copper Mine and Dare Zar copper in Kerman province as well as completing the production chain at Sungun Copper Complex is being pursued with the construction of smelting and refining plants. For awareness of the small and small packages of the complex in the field of development, we went to Reza Sharifi, director of the Sungun Copper Complex, which read below:

Given that completing the production chain at Sungun Copper Complex needs to ensure that the Sungun Copper Copper Mine is sufficient, is there any concern about completing exploratory studies in this area?

The completion of the production chain in the Sungun Copper Complex has been in place since 2006, and naturally, in each process, in order to achieve the full value of the best value and to have the best of productivity, the production chain in industrial complexes must be completed in full compliance with all aspects of the economy and the environment. Various technical and economic reasons have been raised over the past years to delay the implementation of the Sungun Copper Complex Development Plan.

 In the initial discussion, the mining stock was discussed, in which technical reasons were found that there is not enough mine reserves to set up the melt and provide stable feeds to the plant, but by completing exploratory studies inside Peat and around the mine and the results of which domestic consultants And foreigners with complete certainty indicate that the mine`s reserve is responsible for supplying the melting plant. Now, with the completion of exploratory studies, there is no reserve for 30 years (at least when there is a plan for building a factory) if there is exploitation. With this approach, we are currently developing mine.

What are the barriers to the development of the Sungun Copper Mine, due to the specific topography of the mine?

We are discussing the development of quarrying mines. Our mine is limited to four sides of tailings dams, semi-industrial or administrative buildings, the Aras River and the Eastern Mall, and the ancient village of Sungun. Over the past several years, these barriers have created a nuisance to mine development, which Alhmadullah is addressing these obstacles, so that the mine can be well developed and we can harvest it.


Are existing concentrating plants in Suongong copper complex responsible for mine development?

We currently have two concentrating plants at Sungun Copper Complex, one of which was commissioned in 2006, and a doped two in 2014. With these two Sungun Copper Complex plants, it now produces 300,000 tons of concentrates and 75,000 tons of copper. In response to your question, it should be noted that based on exploratory studies by an Australian company from Sungun Copper Mine over the past two or three years, we must definitely set about mining design, economic, environmental, and geographical calculations for the third phase, and about 150 thousand tons of concentrate in The new phase should be produced. In fact, we have to extract 21 million tons of soil annually from the mine, which can keep the mine up to 30 years of continuous, stable and economical operation. So, based on the planned plans, we will build a third phase in the coming years to produce the concentrate of the complex to 450 thousand tons and 112 thousand tons of copper. So, we do not have any concerns about feed production.

One of the important sensitivities in the development of Sungun Copper Mine and the completion of the production chain in the Sungun Copper Complex is the discussion of environmental sensitivities and proximity to the Arasbaran forests. What measures have been taken in this area to prevent environmental pollution in our region?

Currently, the environmental conditions of the Sungun Copper Mine, based on the report of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Water and Wastewater Company, as well as the monitoring of several other active environmental organizations, indicate that there is no small amount of pollutants in Sungun. The Sungun Copper Complex has an online system that records and records all the environmental data of the complex without human intervention in the water and soil and air. In the current situation, even in smaller parts such as tailings, there is no problem and is controlled automatically and automatically, as dozens of wells are damaged around the site and are regularly sampled. I have to say that so far no pollution has been detected in this complex and, thankfully, there is no such thing.

By approving the development plan for the development of the Sungun Mine and completing the production chain, there are likely to be issues such as the destruction and construction that will be carried out by mine excavation, but we have a plan for all of them, so that if now some of the mine is to be exploited, there are plans to revive parts. Destroy the vulnerability of that area.


With this melting plant, will this environmental situation be sustained?

If you want to do the purest and best possible, but do not follow the basics, you will not get a good result. In the field of melting plant construction, it`s important to do the best in terms of designing the initial measures and measures that we have observed in the field of designing the standards even beyond the European standards. For example, the most important issue in the construction of a melting plant is the issue of environmental pollutants and the production of carbon dioxide gas. This gas, if increased in some way in the air, causes pollution when used. The circulars that are now in Iran are already 800 ppm and now 1200 ppm, which is far from the European standards, which is about 300 ppm. The standard here is 200 ppm. So we are confident that the factory will also be better off by the melting center in Hamburg. There is no worry, and we plan to exploit the plant three months earlier than the acid factory`s melting plant.

What technology do you use to build a melting plant?

China supplies more than 30 to 40 percent of the world`s copper, and it is natural that it has a particular degree of copper extraction and access to the best technologies. The Chinese have achieved good technology by adopting several technologies and optimizing them and are now in use. This method, called Chinese (SAS), which the Chinese have invented and developed, have not produced any pollutants and have responded very well on small scale such as 100,000 tons.


How will the completion of the production chain in the Sungun Copper Complex help create jobs in the region?

Given that in the current economic crisis, the debate on the creation and development of large industries is a serious and important solution. If we want to tackle this economic war, the only way to engage in the development of these huge copper, aluminum and other industries is to achieve sustainable employment. In any case, I think that we can do so wisely and economically, in order to maintain a system and rationale, because the only thing that endangers the stability of the system is the employment debate.

It is anticipated that by the year 2021 a melting plant will be set up.


How much do you hope the plant will be launched considering the sanctions?

Fortunately, this contract is about a quarter of our contract with a foreign party and the rest is an internal contract. We estimate the cost of the entire project, about 300 million euros, that these equipment can be manufactured in Iran, and they have no particular complexity and their technology is also in Iran. This also results in good turnover in the province and even the country, and in addition to advancing technology. So, we are not at all worried about how sanctions can affect us. Sanctions may cause problems in the case of small time and other cases, but we hope that this plant will be operational as soon as possible and will complete the production chain and create jobs in the region.




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