Pay the $ 2,380,952 facility to 3000 industrial units in 2017 by the Industry and Mine Bank
Mining News Pro - Hossein Mehri, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the Industry and Mine Bank, said the industry and mining bank in 2017 will spend 2,380,952,381 dollars on the facility to 3,000 industrial units.

According to Mining News Pro - At the General Assembly`s annual general meeting, the bank said, adding that the share of small and medium-sized units of the bank`s facilities in 2017 increased from 26% to 36%.

Managing director of the Bank for Industry and Mines, referring to the third rank of the bank in financing small and medium projects in the form of a production boom, spoke of allocating 13% of its facilities to less developed provinces in 2017.

Hossein Mehri highlighted the implementation of central banking in the Industry and Mine Bank of the activities of the Industry and Mine Bank in 2017, which could achieve 80% of its goals in this regard.

Managing director of the Industry and Mine Bank said that the bank has left the investment and mining company in line with the policy of leaving the firm in 2017.

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance: Bank of Industry and Mine has played a significant role in financing industrial projects of the country.

Baghri, Deputy Director of Banking, Insurance and State-owned companies at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, said the Bank of Industry and Mining has played a very significant role in financing industrial projects, and this role will be more intense in 2017 and 2018.

Bagheri added: "Given the economic climate facing our country, the bank will continue to play its role as a development bank with new approaches and duplicative efforts.

Deputy Director of Economic Affairs and Coordination of the Program and Budget of the Country Planning and Budget Organization: Bank of Industry and Mines played a major role in the country`s economy.

Pourmohammadi, deputy director for economic affairs and coordinating the program and budget of the planning and budget organization, said that the bank of industry and mining played a big role in the country`s economy, and large projects have been funded by the bank.

He added: "One of the most important work of this bank is that, despite the important work it has accomplished, it has always been a disciplined banker and has not had any overdrafts from the central bank.

Pourmohammadi argued that the problem of the adequacy of the capital of the industry and mining bank should be resolved through the use of appropriate and innovative methods so that it can more than once play its role in financing the industrial designs of the country.

The gracious Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture at the meeting assessed the role of the bank of industry and mining in supporting the country`s producers.

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning of the Ministry of Co-operation, Labor and Social Affairs, Sarzaiam described the creation of new employment and maintaining employment with the financing of industrial projects, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, as one of the valuable measures of the industry and mining bank.

Dadpour, director general of the ministry of budget and affairs of the ministries of mines and commerce, said: "The performance of the industry and mining bank has been good and effective despite the current state of the country."

Dodpour added that the allocation of 37% of the bank`s facilities to small and medium enterprises is a good thing to be considered.

Dawpour said: "The Bank of Industry and Mining, as an efficient arm, has been especially important for the Ministry of Mining and Trade.

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