The largest API sales contract Signed by Khouzestan Oxin steel Co.
Mining News Pro - Khouzestan Oxin steel Co., a large steel sheet manufacturer, has been able to sign a large contract for the production of 63 thousand tons of API sheets for use in energy transmission lines.

According to Mining News Pro - Abdolreza Mahmoodpour, CEO of Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co., said: "In line with its strategic goals and policies, the company`s management portfolio and its sales and marketing strategies have always tried to provide the necessary and special sheets of oil, gas and It produces petrochemicals and produces large-scale marketing and production, and now, after conducting numerous technical and trade negotiations with different companies, the latest action has led to the conclusion of a contract for the production of 63 thousand tons of API 5L X60, X65 PSL2 sheets with applicability in oil and gas projects with one of the major trading companies in this field And this contract is the largest contract during the activity of the Khouzestan Oxin steel Co., which has come to an end.

The Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co., longtime also said that it was also decided to direct the oil minister to 20 percent of the crude oil pipeline project from Gurra to Jask, which, for various reasons, has led to the conclusion of a contract In this regard, in the latest issue following the follow-up of the Khouzestan Oxin Steel Co. board of directors and members of the board of directors today, a meeting was convened at the invitation of Dr. Karbassian, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and Head of the Executive Board of IMIDRO, Dr. Dehghani, Managing Director of the Engineering and Petroleum Development (Text), Mr. Sahaghi, Executive Officer of Gore Crude Oil Transfer to JASK  and Company Managers Mobarakeh Steel Co. and  Khuzestan Steel Co.The issue was reviewed. It is worthy of thanks from the Deputy Minister of Industry, the CEO of Oil Engineering and Development Company and the Project Manager for the transfer of crude oil from Gore to Jask due to the attention paid to the products inside. Finally, Jask will also finalize his positive views in the near future.

Mahmoudpour continued, "The Auxin Steel Company of Khuzestan has announced the ability to produce 20,000 metric tons of API-specific API products per month, equivalent to an annual production of 240,000 tons of these strategic sheets," Mahmoudpour said. This type of product is one of the essential and necessary items for oil and gas companies, which is also considered by the Oil and Gas Engineering and Development Company.

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