Awarded Knowledge Management Award with Middle East Development Approach to MIDHCO / MIDHCO Designed for Knowledge Model in Iran`s Development
Mining News Pro - The 2018 World Knowledge Management Conference Award was donated to Holdings MIDHCO.

According to Mining News Pro -The World Knowledge Management Award, held in Geneva, Switzerland, was held on September 10-14, 2018 (September 19-23, 2010) at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The award was designed in 2010 by a team of knowledge management experts designed to identify organizations and individuals active in knowledge management with a development approach across the country, region, and the world.

At the 2018 ceremony, with the presence of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the UN representative and senior executives and leading professors in knowledge management and knowledge management associations of Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria, two organizations from the members of the Scientific and Technical Committees The title of the winner of the year was introduced, which MIDHCO has won the award due to leadership style and management in development and job creation by employing and managing the knowledge and skills of experts in setting up production units throughout the country as an Iranian company.

At the ceremony, Dr Brendner, one of the founders and designers of the KM model, introduced the development approach to introducing MIDHCO`s capabilities across the country, using the private sector capacity, and introduced MIDHCO as a model of knowledge for the development of the country.
Previously, the following organizations have won the award:

• Atomic Energy Organization, Mr. Yukiya Amano in 2011

• United Nations Development Program Organization (UNDIP) in 2012


• VOSestal pine steel company in 2015

• United Nations Development Program Observatory in 2017


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