DODELCO Development Initiative Feasibility Study in Chile`s Central Areas / The first Android 2026 products to be released
Mining News Pro - Andina, one of Codelco`s subsidiaries, has started feasibility studies on Chile`s central operations development plan.

According to Mining News Pro - As previously anticipated, the plan aims to increase the production of 65 thousand tons of mineral products and achieve a production level of 153 thousand tons per day," said Juan Francisco San Martin, director of the company`s development and innovation department on the Andina mine development project. Also, according to the plan, the production of refined copper will reach 360 thousand tons from 200 thousand tons per day. 

The project is one of the initiatives of the Codelco State Corporation to increase its production of copper. Codelco also plans to maintain the development of Chuquicamata and El Teniente development projects.

According to Andina`s Director of Development and Innovation, the study will continue for 22 months, including drilling activities in order to obtain accurate information on the resources, as well as explore the feasibility of engineering activities for the development of the project. The study will be the best way to increase the profitability of the operation.

The initial capital cost is estimated at $ 2 billion (1.73 million euros), and the first production generated by this project is expected to be marketed in 2026.

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