Increase of more than 70% of water recovery in copper complexes/119.047.619 Dollars investment of NICICO in Gulf Water Transfer Project
Mining News Pro - In the closing ceremony of the 2nd Iranian National Pistachio Congress, the Copper Board member has said: "In recent years, we have been planning, using scientific and practical measures, to use water in the copper industry in a way that preserves the aquifers in Kerman province.

According to Mining News Pro - Engineer Ali Mohammadi, a member of the board of directors of the National Iranian Copper Industry Company, pointed out the critical situation in the city of Rafsanjan, said that water consumption in the copper company is now global, and as a result of these measures in the area of water, more than 70 percent of the water recovery in the complex Copper company.

Mohammadi, referring to the Persian Gulf water pipeline project, which is underway with the participation of Copper Company, Chadormalou and Golgohar, said: Copper Company has spent more than 119.047.619 Dollars so that the 130 million cubic meter of gas pipeline from the Persian Gulf Industries of Kerman Province and Yazd.

He added: "Over 80% of the plan is already done and by the end of the year 2019, we will bring water to the area and then will be transferred to Yazd."

A member of the board of directors of the copper company referred to the importance of water in the field of industry and agriculture, and said: So far, 290 km bed has been prepared for three to four water transmission lines and 7 pumping stations are being prepared.

He added: "By completing this project, we can see sustainable development in Kerman province, especially the copper industry and the central regions of the country."

Referring to the fact that this plan will solve many of the city`s current problems, Mohammadi emphasized the cultural approach to the water issue and said: "According to published reports, the number of wells in water wells is higher than the limit and in the use of new irrigation systems in Farming should be addressed because of the difficulty of organizing smallholders. This work will require the planner to solve most of the problems in the area of the water if planned for this task.

A member of the board of directors of the copper company referred to investment in the field of industry and stated: "In the current situation, the least we can do in this area is to invest in the industry. This approach was followed in the past, but unfortunately it did not go on.

He continued: Kerman province has more than 300 thousand hectares of pistachio gardens, which is more than 80 percent of the country`s pistachio industry. Therefore, despite this potential, it is necessary to look specifically at this issue and to be in the body of the culture community in order to exploit this potential for business. And national officials have a special look at this issue.

He said: "This year, we have about 5% of pistachio products, and in the past years, we`ve been selling more than $ 1 billion in pistachios to $ 200 million this year, which is an alarm for the region."

Engineer Mohammadi mentioned the launch of the acid plant in the Sarcheshmeh copper complex and the potential that the acid plant could produce in the field of chemical fertilizers. He said: "The contamination of copper in the region will be resolved by the end of the year by creating an acid plant, In the future, acid additives in agriculture and pistachio gardens will be used.

He added that the cop is prepared to support small-scale private fertilizer plants by private sector investors and provide them with acid.

The second Iranian national pistachio conference was held on September 21 to 22 this year at Valiasr University of Rafsanjan.

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