Iran`s Sirjan Steel Comes to Shares /MIDHCO delivers its non-managerial stocks in the third processing market.
Mining News Pro - The symbol of the Sirjan Steel Company was inserted into the post-trading system to provide the terms for its delivery.

According to Mining News Pro -The Central Securities Depository and Securities Department (Samat) announced the inclusion of the Sirjan Steel Company in the post-trading system.

Accordingly, the Middle East Mining and Mining Industries (MIDHCO) parent company will offer non-managerial shares of the Sirjan Steel Company by the Middle East Brilliant Sunset Brokerage Company in the Third Overseas Market.

The company is active in the construction of iron and steel factories and related units, which supplied 0.01 million shares of the shares of Sirjan Steel Company at the same time and conditions at a basic price of 5,303 riyals each and a total price of 5 Billions and 300 Million Rials will be issued, which will be the deadline for the payment of the total transaction amount of up to 3 business days after the transaction.

This is while the total shares issued by the company are 7 billion shares with a nominal value of one thousand Rials per share.

The central depository company entered the company with the trademark "Zafr" in the post-trading system to provide conditions for its offering.

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