The Southern Aluminum Factory is set up in the preliminary stages
Mining News Pro - The hope is that the factory`s cold test, which is the prelude to its final launch, will soon be carried out," said the president`s adviser on coordinating the renovation of the worn and unstable urban texture, expressing satisfaction with the construction process of the largest aluminum plant in the south of the country at Lamerd.

According to Mining News Pro -Akbar Torkan said the world is more likely to grow residential areas beyond the coastline to a depth of 100 kilometers. In south of Fars province, Lamerd has a great potential for industrial growth.

He added: "Lamerd`s city with its enormous energy resources, easy access to ports, enjoyment of Gulf water in the near future, and very good industrial growth can be one of the targets in the formation of new cities.

The president`s counsel said: "Of the eight gas fields in Fars province, the largest square is located in the city of Lamerd, and this large volume of energy resources creates a very high potential in the field of employment.

Lamerd County Governor also spoke at the meeting that the signing of a contract for the transfer of freshwater from the Persian Gulf to this city was the start of a major development and said that the long-term wish of the city will be realized by the people of the city for the benefit of the Persian Gulf.

Hossein Shabaninejad, also referring to the signing of an agreement on the production of 160,000 tons of aluminum plate and the establishment of the factory as one of the large downstream aluminum complexes in the Lamard Special Economic Zone, added: "The people of Fahim and the specialist children of this city have always welcomed the progress and maximized participation in Realizing the infrastructure and infrastructure goals of the city.

According to the report, the president`s consultant visited the Southern Aluminum Factory and the Lamard Energy Special Economic Zone.

The construction of an aluminum factory in Lamerd city from the laws and regulations of the Persian Gulf March of the 94th government is a tribute and hope to the Fars province.

Last year, a former minister of industry, mining and trade in southern Fars, announced that using this large aluminum project would increase the production capacity of the country about twice as much.

Accordingly, the aluminum production capacity in the country is currently 350,000 tons per year, and the large aluminum hydro power project, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons, will enter the production cycle with the capacity of almost all existing production units in the country.

Earlier, the governor of Fares said on April 21, when he was visiting the building, he said: The first phase of the aluminum production unit will be exploited in the Lamard Special Economic Zone this year.

"We hope that all the phases of this manufacturing unit, which is now well-developed, will be operational at the appointed time, because this is important in addition to creating employment, increasing production, economic prosperity and social well-being in the country`s economy and Fars province. It also has a constructive role.

Due to the establishment of energy-intensive industries such as aluminum in the Lamerd Special Economic Zone, with the goal of providing sustainable power to these industries, the 913 MW Ghadir Energy combined cycle power plant is under construction at this time.

The plant, with a capital of EUR 540 million and a 600 billion riyal rial, is under construction by the Shanghai Electric Electric Group (SEC).

Lamerd Special Economic Zone is located south of Fars province.

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