Appreciation from Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel for playing a key role in social responsibility and infrastructure development in the province
Mining News Pro - Bahram Sobhani, CEO of Mobarakeh Steel, and Ms. Somayeh Mahmoudi, a representative of Shahreza and Dehaqan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, met to discuss and discuss the latest state of the economy and industry at the national and provincial level.

According to Mining News Pro - In this meeting, Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company, with a review of the latest operating status of the Mobarakeh Steel Company, reported the highest production during the 25-year history of its operation. He acknowledged these results in the most difficult circumstances due to external pressures and serious constraints on supply of water and electricity like a miracle, and called the employees` efforts and the management of managers to be the main driver of this success.

According to the report, Somayeh Mahmoudi, a representative of the Sharif people of Shahreza and Dehaghan, said: "In the difficult economic conditions of the country, observing these successes in the country`s largest industrial company is a promising and valuable asset, and it is a reason for clever management and a comprehensive effort by the company`s staff and managers. .

Also at this ceremony, the honorary representative of Sharif people of Shahreza and Dehaghan was appointed CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company for his role in social responsibility and infrastructure development in the province.

In the text of this note of appreciation:

"Without any doubts, the role of the influential mother industries, especially the production complex under your leadership in the economic fields of the province and the undeniable country and the effects and blessings of the honest efforts of Your Highness and the forces under the control of all parts of Iran, is absolutely clear and praiseworthy.

I recognize my duty to thank you specially for your contribution to the provincial development affairs, and especially to the expansion of the dual lane of Shahreza Mobarakeh Road, and to express my gratitude to the operation and the opening of this project in the not-too-distant future of your Excellency. 

During this meeting, while discussing and discussing the parties, some of the demands of the industry in the cities of Shahreza and Dehaghan were discussed and handed over by the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel.

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