Copper cathode pioneered commodity trading / 2% increase in cathode prices on previous day trading
Mining News Pro - Yesterday the value of Buscala`s trades to the "Copper Cathode" of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company was estimated at 31.428.571 USD

According to Mining News Pro -Yesterday, on Monday (September 19th), various stock exchanges held a total value of about 99.047.619 USD.

The deals were concluded in 341 contracts, of which about 65.238.095 USD were awarded to the domestic ring. The industrial hall has the highest value of about 371.142.857 USD.

The highest value of stock exchanges yesterday was attributed to the copper cathode of the National Iranian Copper Industry at about 31.428.571 USD

The product was traded at a price of 10 USD last week at a rate of 3,000 tons, up 2 percent from its previous deal.

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