Participation of the private sector 32 trillion Toman for completion of the Semi-IMIDRO projects
Mining News Pro - Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade has attracted 320,000 billion Rials from private and non-governmental sources to complete the half-full plans of the Organization for the Development and Renovation of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran (IMIDRO) over the past five years.

According to Mining News Pro - Mehdi Karbassian added: "In the past years, planning to explore 270,000 square kilometers of the country`s areas has been highlighted and started seriously in the spring of 1393 and last year it was 200,000 square kilometers.

He, who is the head of the board of the Organization for the Development and Renovation of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran, continued: Imidra opened last year`s $ 3 billion new project to prevent crude oil, such as steel and copper production lines, exploitation of production chain lines Concentrate and pellets and three sponge iron production projects were launched.

Karbassian said the selection of Imidru as the state`s top machine at the Shahid Rajaee Festival this year was the reason for choosing this organization, attracting private and nongovernmental funds and transparency.

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade added: Widespread deposition of mining and mineral industries with the private sector participation, the production of aluminum powder, gold, steel, copper and iron ore in sub-units, the exploitation of steel chain projects, and the preparation of a map Another way of mining and mineral industries in the country has been Imidro.

The Shahid Rajaee Festival is held every year on the occasion of the government week with the aim of identifying and introducing endeavors to serve the people and institutionalizing the culture of improving and improving the performance of executive agencies.
At the ceremony this year, which was held on Saturday in the presence of the President in the Hall of the Islamic Summit, the top 14 government facilities were honored.

The Organization for the Development and Modernization of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran (IMIDRO), Tavanir and the Measurement Organization in the selected departments of affiliated agencies of the ministries were selected in total by public and private indicators as the top machine. And "Mehdi Karbasiyan" CEO of IMIDRO,has received citation from the President Rohani .



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