Acquaintance with processes and transfer knowledge of manufacturing components through the management team of the copper company
Mining News Pro - Najaf Sheikhi said the Copper Manufacturing Management Team, along with the incentive seen in local builders for roleplaying in the manufacturing process, is trying to spoil the stages and transfer knowledge of parts manufacturing.

According to Mining News Pro -The National Iranian Copper Industry Company has started the localization movement for many years, a movement that has been new to the beginning of the year, "protecting Iranian goods." Deputy director of energy engineering and energy management Sarcheshmeh copper company paid attention to the activities of copper company in this area in 1397 and said: Considering the importance of localization and reducing the finished product price, the possibility of manufacturing parts in Kerman province in order to meet the requirements of Sarcheshmeh copper complex One of the most important actions that has always been on the agenda of the managers and officials of this complex. This year, this approach is being pursued with greater precision and intensity, with more workshops and contractors in this field.

He continued: in this regard, during the visit to the factories of parts and castings in the city of Rafsanjan and Kerman, they tried to identify their capabilities and they would also be familiar with the requirements of the Sarcheshme copper complex. In addition, the exhibition on the capabilities and requirements of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex was held in Rafsanjan for three days. In this exhibition, the familiarity of parts manufacturers in Rafsanjan and Kerman province with copper requirements was one of the most important issues discussed.

Sheikhi added: "During the recent exhibition, we tried to become more familiar with the maker`s issues and talk closely with them about the details of their work. Certainly, this event will, in addition to further interactions, lead to the transfer of knowledge of the construction of parts.

He also said: The enthusiasm that the builders showed during the three days of the show proves the promise of building components at affordable and affordable quality. We need to work with the resolve and with the help of domestic manufacturers, and preferably local builders, to make the materials and parts we need, and this is not unreachable by the efforts of the Rafsanjani and Provincial elite craftsmen, and indeed the result of these measures that are in line with the roadmap Drawn, we believe.

Referring to the main objectives of the copper company`s entry into the field of using indigenous knowledge and abilities, Sheikhi said: "Due to the non-availability of the materials and parts made out, all industries have made their vital items according to their circumstances. Copper Company is no exception to this, and has some experience in this field. The manufacturing of parts that are used in the mineral industry is a reliable and significant experience that has been the result of many years of effort and commitment of all the pillars of the prestigious copper company.

The Deputy Director of Energy Management and Engineering at Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex said that the working group on the management of construction of parts will be based on the Deputy Director of Engineering and Energy Management and will use all the technical and The reliant experiences of the Design Bureau and the Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex Manufacturing Workshop, along with the incentive seen in local builders for role-playing in the manufacturing process, will try to redefine the stages and transfer knowledge of manufacturing components.

Referring to the effects of localization on the price reduction of the final product of the copper company, he added: "The price report for the past years has shown the will of all the personnel of the National Iranian Copper Industry Company to reduce prices. Certainly, the supply of materials and components from the domestic market will have a great impact on the realization of this important and the management of current economic conditions. In general, we can control and balance production costs when it comes to the possibility of construction and supply within the country, especially with the help of provincial producers and suppliers.

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