Documentary makers go to Golgohar
Mining News Pro - A group of country`s documentaries will visit Golgohar Iron ore mines next week. This program is aimed at introducing mining and mineral sector capabilities.

According to Mining News Pro - A group of filmmakers in the field of documentary cinema, on the 20th and 21st of September (Tuesday and Wednesday), visit the mines of Golgohar Mineral and Industrial Company. This program is being implemented with the coordination of IMIDRO Public Relations and Gol Gohar Co., with the aim of identifying the potential of development and investment at the national and international levels.

Another purpose of the program is to introduce the filmmakers to the field of mines and to produce documentaries and to find innovative ideas for introducing the capabilities of this sector.

With the design and implementation of a program for the presence of documentaries in the mining and mineral sector of the country, IMIDRO intends to create a new perspective with the accompaniment of documentaries in order to develop this sector of the economy. Earlier this spring, a similar program was implemented at the Sungun Copper Mine, in which a number of documentaries were present.

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