New Central Bank Announcement: Currency is needed for basic goods
Mining News Pro - Since the beginning of the year, more than 5.5 billion euros have been provided for the supply of basic and essential goods to the people, the Central Bank said.

According to Mining News Pro - According to new currency policies, the supply of essential and essential commodities based on the government-approved exchange rate is routine, and since the beginning of the year, more than 5.5 billion euros have been provided for the supply of basic and essential goods needed by the people.

Also, the secondary market performance has been more than 3 billion euros since the beginning of the year, with the entry of currencies from the export of petrochemicals and other export goods. The currency provided by importers in the market for the import of raw materials, machinery and other goods needed by the importers is based on a market mechanism at an agreed rate.

Regarding the secondary market, the Central Bank`s policy states that exporters will provide their currency in accordance with the market mechanism, and importers and manufacturers will provide the necessary foreign exchange for the supply of machinery, raw materials and other goods needed for it. .

Accordingly, since the implementation of the new government foreign exchange policy, dated from 1397.5,16, it has been about a billion euros in the secondary market for goods of an average rate of 9,000 USD per euro.

It is also stipulated that banks and currency exchanges shall use banknotes to meet the real needs of real people in banknotes and for service purposes in accordance with the policies applied to entering and supplying currency. On this basis, all banks and currency exchanges have been allowed to make arrangements for the provision of regular banknotes; therefore, banks and currency exchanges are expected to gradually receive the necessary banknotes to meet the real needs of the people.

In the end, it is necessary to emphasize that the main concern of the Central Bank is to provide the basic, essential and real needs of the people, and will make every effort in this regard; therefore, the bank will assure our dear people that we will do our utmost to provide The interests and interests of the general public, and the currency needed for the essential and essential goods is based on the policies of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the approved rate.

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