The huge Peruvian investment in the new copper / investment project is estimated at $ 1.5 billion
Mining News Pro - Minsur Mining Company has borrowed $ 900 million from 16 banks for the Mina Justa copper project in the Ica region of South P

According to Mining News Pro -Local news agencies said the investment was expected to reach $ 1.5 billion for the development of the mine, and Minsur provided other remaining costs through cash and stock flows.

Chief Executive Officer Juan Luis Kruger said the cost estimate for this project is being finalized and it is expected that the exact details will be revealed by the end of the current month.

Construction operations will begin in November, and production starts in May 2020. During this operation, the cathode and concentrate volume will increase to about 100 thousand tons per year. The operation will be run as a subsidiary of Marcobre, a subsidiary of Minsur.

The company had already predicted that it will receive the loan in the third quarter.

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