Transparent and continuous supply of bullion on the stock exchange demanded by the aluminum syndicate
Mining News Pro - Chairman of the board of directors of the aluminum syndicate said: "Some people are in any way trying to create economic insecurities in different areas, and the economy faces such problems.

According to Mining News Pro -The scope of insecurity in the production and supply sector in the Boreskala has also reached aluminum, but the amount of aluminum produced in the country is so high that it meets the needs and supplies of raw materials by firms, but the lack of proper supply of this product has caused a deterioration in the price balance.

Houshang Goodarzi, referring to the fact that more than a month after the last supply in Borskala, and no latitudes had been made, said the reason for this should be people who asked to stop supply because their goal was only to increase Aluminum prices and arbitrary prices.

He added that the ministry of ministries of ministries of ministries of agriculture has issued and presented the aluminum supply instructions according to the present, but this instruction is not being implemented. In the IRALCO and IMIDRO bulletins last week, Burskaya saw that due to the increased supply of demand and lack of competition as well as price determination The base at $ 4200 was canceled and no deal was made.

"Aluminum ingots in the market are available from 26 thousand to 30 thousand tomans, and it is not clear which companies are involved in the bullion, and the supervisory agencies should observe these issues," Goodarzi said on the aluminum price in the market.

"It is natural that downstream industries should be supported in the year called" domestic production, "but that`s not the case, and the continuation of these conditions will lead to halting domestic production, and there are very unpleasant experiences with the current situation that some against The slogans are said to support domestic production.

According to information provided by Iralco, the company`s production of this company will be 180,000 tons this year and Al-Mahdi of Khuzestan will have 290,000 tons, according to data from Goodarzi. In addition, last year, 337,000 tons of aluminum The country produced, which if the same production was continuously marketed over a 52-week period, downstream industries could easily continue their production, and naturally the lack of artificiality in the market would not increase prices dramatically.

He said that the price of the dollar in the market is not clear and the businessmen whose businesses depend on the price of the dollar are in a strange confusion, said: "We can not give a precise figure for the dollar, in the current situation of three dollar rates That means 4200 tomans, 8800 tomans and 12 thousand tomans, but there is no foreign currency for $ 4,200. On the other hand, the fluctuations in the price of the dollar cram all, and the dollar of paper for travelers was 10500 dollars a day and 11700 tomans a day.


Goudarzi continued, "We face fundamental problems within the country, and some are trying to create insecurity in any way, and in other words, if enough aluminum is produced inside the country, if supplied promptly and properly." The price would be equilibrium and there was no problem.

He added: "As there are definitely enough currencies in the country, this currency needs to be fundamentally needed, but we are seeing that we are stuck in a vicious circle.

The aluminum industry activist continued, "The desire of the syndicate and the downstream industry is no more than the aluminum ingot produced inside the country in a transparent and continuous manner at Boreskala, and real buyers, who are manufacturers, will buy the supplied aluminum and use it They do.

Goodarzi emphasized: "These issues have nothing to do with political factions. Producers and downstream workers have to work, and they have to pay their salaries, and the livelihoods of several thousand households depend on the continuation of these workshops, and by not supplying bullion on stock exchanges and shutting down Downstream industries will suffer these people in our society and our national economy.

The aluminum industry is not happy today as the steel industry, and the rise in prices for aluminum ingots of downstream industries has been threatened.

The Iralco and Hormulacs have stopped supplying aluminum in August, raising the price of bullion in the market.

This shortage of aluminum is due to a recent announcement of the discovery of 2,200 tons of aluminum ingots in the central province.

According to the Iralco, 15,000 tons of aluminum ingots are stored, with market share going back to normal, but this has not happened yet.

According to the directive issued by the Ministry of Industry, aluminum will be sold at the exchange rate of the secondary market and the raw materials will be purchased at this price and products will be sold at the same price.

The aluminum syndicate proposal also suggested that the required currency would be supplied from the secondary market, so pricing would not be meaningful, therefore, the competition ceiling had been eliminated, and the base price was also set at the average of the four previous bids, and with the open bidding limit the price could be increased wherever it would be. Find out

The syndicate also says that in order to regulate the supply market for bullion and billet, it should be continuous and weekly, and the floor should be set to the limit, the sales price can not be higher than the LMB multiplied by 1/5 times the secondary exchange rate and the import of production products is prohibited and all producers Billets are obliged to supply the domestic market before export, even those that are in free and special zones.


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