Financing 12 Steel Projects by Industry and Mine Bank over 5 years
Mining News Pro - The financing of 12 steel projects was carried out by the Bank of Industry and Mine. The value of this project is worth 2.5 billion euros.

According to Mining News Pro -The Bank of Industry and Mines announced the release of a five-year performance report, with a total of EUR 2.5 billion being funded by 12 steel projects. Currently, most of them have been opened and a number of projects have been launched. Is. Also part of the projects are under construction.

Steel production capacity has been more than 8 million tons a year. The foreign exchange resources of these projects are formed by China`s credit line, the National Development Fund and the Bank of Industry and Mine.

On the other hand, over the past five years, "Factoring and Supply" of 12 power plants totaling 6,000 megawatts worth 3 billion euros by the Industry and Mine Bank, which has already completed 3,000,000 megawatts of these projects, while the rest are under construction. Which will be completed by the end of the year.

Also, the agency`s financing and financing of the 1,400-MW Hormozgan Heat Power Plant project at 1.2 billion euros and Bandar Abbas, Kerman and Yazd sweeping water projects worth 360 million euros to 430 thousand cubic meters per day of production from the past five years Is.

In addition, the establishment of a brokerage relationship with more than 93 foreign banks in 35 countries, the conclusion of a loan or credit line agreement with the Bank of China`s Exims, the Asian Bank of India, South Korea`s Ezim Bank, Austrian Bank of Austria, Danish Bank of Denmark, China Trust CITIC and Italian Inuit Italy (the operation of the Ezim Bank of China and India has been operational so far), the management and transfer of Eurozone funds in Europe over the 24 months ending 2018 by EUR 150 billion, as well as the implementation of financial discipline, an increase of 3-fold capital and the deployment of a large part New standards of monetary, banking and financial compliance with corporate governance and international regulations Privacy wings and implement anti-money laundering, another part of the last 5 years has been the Bank of Industry and Mine.

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