The product cycle is completed at the Biabanak Petrochemical Complex
Mining News Pro - Chief Executive Officer IMIDRO said the plan for the production of calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide completes the production cycle in the potash complex.

According to Mining News Pro - Mehdi Karbassian, who spoke at the ceremony for the implementation of the project in Khor and BIabanak region, stated that the production of calcium chloride from wastewater was defined as the process of carnalization in order to complete the chain of products at the KhBBankan Petas Complex.

"In addition to increasing the economic benefits of the complex, he added about the creation of 50 direct people and 150 indirect people in the less developed region of Khobribabinak.

At the ceremony of establishing the Kalisim chloride and magnesium hydroxide project in Khor and Biabanak, Mohsin Mehralizadeh, Isfahan governor, Vajihola Ja`fari, Abbas Ali Pour-Baha Farani, the representative of Khor and Biabanak people in parliament, and Ardeshir Saad Muhammadi, deputy minister of mining and mineral development projects. .

At the ceremony, Karbassian emphasized: "By transferring gas to this area, we will see further development of the industrial and commercial sectors.

The project will be executed as an IIS and will be operational within 18 months. The project, which is located next to the potash plant, generates more than 70 job opportunities directly and 300 job opportunities indirectly.

The Khor and Biabanak area on August 8, 2015, also saw the opening of the country`s first potash plant, which is considered to be the start of a potash production chain. The potash project was one of the semi-allied mining and mineral sector projects in Iran, which joined with the new strategy of IMIDRO into the production circuit.

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