Appreciation of the Governor of Zanjan from the Bank of Industry and Mines
Mining News Pro - Dervish Amiri, the governor of Zanjan, thanked the customers by sending a letter from the Industry and Mine Bank for the service.

According to Mining News Pro -Based on Bank of Industry and Mine, in the text of this letter:

The efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative system of each country is an important and vital factor in realizing the comprehensive plans necessary for the proper development and expansion of the duties of government and government agencies, continuous monitoring of the way things are done, and the establishment of a performance management system.

Hence, performance evaluation is required as a continuous process for the improvement of organizations.

In order to realize the general policies of the administrative system and desirable service to the client, the bank among the specialized banks of the province has been selected as a sample bank in the performance evaluation of 1396.

In this respect, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to the total number of executives, experts and staff of this bank.

It is hoped that in the year you will be provided with the motto of supporting the Iranian goods with national determination and jihadi management to implement the provincial development plans.

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