Mineral production in the Nakhlak lead complex grew by 209 percent to over 20,000 tons
Mining News Pro - In the 4 months of the current year, 20,410 tons of minerals were extracted from the Nakhlak lead mine, which was 209 percent more than the same period last year (9738 tons).

According to Mining News Pro - In the 4 months of this year, 2485 tons of lead concentrate were produced at the processing plant, which grew by 373 percent as compared to the same period last year, Arif Bagheri, supervisor of the Mineral Complex, Nakhlak said.

He added that the sales rate (lead concentrate) over 55 percent over the 4 months of the current year was 2,768 tons, up 261 percent compared to 1,060 tons in the same period last year.

Bagheri noted: Due to the underground nature of the tunnel network of the Nakhlak lead mine (about 80 km), the necessity of proper air flow is imperative. Approximately 80% of the air required for the ventilation of the mines is natural and using the height difference of 6 wells of ventilation, and the ventilation mechanism is such that, based on differences in the height of the wells due to the difference in air pressure between the hot and cold air (Hot air, polluted air and cold air, clean air) cause air and charge to be connected to the network.

He said: now, due to the increase in workload and 2 shifts in the mine, and consequently the increase in the number of workshops for extraction and fire, in order to ventilate the tunnel optimal at the outlet of well No. 6, a centrifugal fan, With 125 hp and air suction capacity of 90,000 cubic meters per hour and speed of 600 rpm, it has been installed.

Supervisor of the Nakhlak Lead Mineral Complex, said: "This device is provided by the company`s leader, with investment of 2 billion rials." The function of this ventilator is regulated by a control clock in the 2nd shifting period of the personnel and the mine fire, and its advantages are the ability to adjust the engine speed to control the flow rate of the mine outlet.

Bagheri, referring to the grinding of the processing plant, said: Considering the design and commissioning of the second phase of the processing plant, the need for crushing and supplying the minerals is necessary and, in view of the design and commissioning of its crushing circuit, a processing plant including a 400 ton concrete bunker With a feeder and feeder, a jaw crusher plant with a capacity of 100 tons per hour, two hydroconcrete units with a capacity of 100 tons per hour and a shaking machine with conveyors and electrical boards with an investment of over 25 billion riyals , The capacity of the crushing circuit increases by 200%.

He added: "For the second phase of the construction of the plant, the design and construction has begun since the beginning of this year, which by launching this line will increase the production of concentrate to 1,000 tons per month (500% compared to 95% and 150% year-on-year ). In this regard, the Foundation of Asynchronous Tubes and 3 Mechanical Flotation Cells, 5 Tank Tubes, Transfer Tubes and Conditioner Tanks (Materials Preparation Tanks) were purchased and transferred to the site of the complex, and the second phase of the plant by the end of September of the year It will be operational.

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