Inauguration of a new factory for processing lead in the Nakhlak with a capacity of 600 tons per month with the presence of the chairman of the executive committee of IMIDRO
Mining News Pro - The ceremony of the Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Hydroxide project, as well as the opening of the first phase of the salt village, will be held in Khor and Biabanak on Saturday, with the presence of the chairman of the IMIDRO Executive Committee. In a separate program, Karbassian also opens a new plant for the production of lead in the Nakhlak.

According to Mining News Pro - On the occasion of the government`s week, the ceremony will be held for the construction of 30,000 tons of calcium chloride and 5000 tons of magnesium hydroxide with the presence of Mehdi Karbassian and governor of Isfahan. The project indirectly creates jobs for 70 people directly and 300 job opportunities indirectly.

At the same time, the opening of the first phase of the salt village of the Potash Complex is also one of the other programs of the chairman of the IMIDROAgency. Given the unique and unique potential of this desert region, for the first time mineral tourism with the concept of mining coexistence and nature is defined as one of IMIDRO`s investment projects. By completing this plan, an effective step will be taken to sustain the region`s growth and development as well as significant youth employment.

The Khoreh and Biabanak area on August 7, 1394, also saw the opening of the first 50,000-ton plant of potash production in the country. The project, which was considered to be part of the mining and mining sector in Iran, was integrated into the production circuit with the new Imidra strategy.

In the program on Saturday, September 10th, the chairman of the executive committee of Imidru also opened a new factory in the Nakhlak Lead and Zinc Complex. The plant, which has begun experimental production, produces a concentrate of about 55% by using a grade of 3-6% lead. The construction of this project has attracted 130 new troops directly.

The plant`s production capacity has grown three times to 600 tons a month, while it already had a production capacity of 200 tons per month.

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