Sirjan Steel became silver
Mining News Pro - A great honor in the field of the country`s worker sports was the silver Sirjan steel.

According to Mining News Pro - The volleyball team of the mines, concentrates and pelletizing complex of the Sirjan Steel Company (Iran Steel) won the second place in the country`s labor-intensive sports competitions.

The team succeeded in national championships in the Kerman province`s volleyball tournament and managed to climb up to the last eight teams after defeating the teams from Markazi Province and South Khorasan, following the defeat of the Semnan and Khorasan Razavi teams In the final half of the match the capital team met in the final.

The final match on Monday, July 29, 1997, was held at the Tehran Shahid Motamedi Workers` Stadium, which was held with the participation of a number of volleyball officials of the country. The Sirjan Steel team scored 3-1 in a breathtaking 3-1 victory and reached the second place in the country.

Mr. Ebrahimi, CEO of Sirjan Steel Company Iran Co. and Engineer Amani, Manager of Mines, Concentrates and Pellets, who were close to the spectators of this game, remarked at the end of this team as the reputation of Kerman province in the sport and wished the team a success.

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