Report of the ceremony of the presentation and presentation of the CEO of the Industry and Mines Bank
Mining News Pro - The presentation ceremony of the Managing Director of the Industry and Mines Bank was held today with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Economy.

According to Mining News Pro -The head of the board and new CEO of the Industry and Mine Bank said: "If we want our country to achieve sustainable industrial development, the capital of the industry and mining bank should increase.

Hossein Mehri, speaking at the ceremony as the new CEO of the Industry and Mine Bank, added: "In order to improve the credibility of the International Bank for Industry and Mine, we need to increase the capital and the MPs will cooperate with this necessity," he said.

"Special attention to human capital will be one of the main issues in the mining industry`s banking industry, with emphasis on specialized and skill-oriented training for the professional development of employees, and we should use the experience of developed countries," Mehri said.

Emphasizing that emerging opportunities and threats are emerging under the new conditions, he stressed: "We need to increase the power and speed of our adaptation to the environment." We must innovate by diversifying the product and taking into account the needs of the community.

He also pointed out that the problems of industrial units, more than financial ones, arise from the management method, said the bank of industry and mining seeks to focus on industrial units.

The necessity of implementing a new corporate governance and its impact on industrial problems was another case that Mehri referred to and said: core banking in the Bank of Industry and Mine will be pursued and pursued objectives and policies in this Bank think tank will be formed.

He also noted that in a modern corporate governance, a coherent approach will be taken to ensure the interests of stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and the community.

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Bagheri also said during the ceremony, Engineer Afkhami (former CEO of the Industry and Mines Bank) is one of the top executives of the banking system who has been working on his career in the Industry and Mine Bank during his tenure.

He emphasized that the policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance is to select well-known and motivated people from the banking system for management, and Dr. Mehri`s selection has been made with this approach.

According to him, in recent years, economic discussions have become the main issues of the system and hence the reform of the banking system has been taken into consideration by the country`s policy makers.

Bagheri said Iran`s economy is a bank-centered economy, which means that the banking system`s expectation of financing the creation of production, employment and international transfers has increased.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance assessed the performance of the industry and mining bank positively during the boycott, and was attributed to the development vision of the Bank`s management.

In the ceremony, Afkhami, a former managing director of the Industry and Mines Bank, cited the development of these countries as the management of education and the effort to know more about the economic situation of developed countries and our country.

He noted that the excessive withdrawal from the central bank has not seen an increase in bank capital and financing of infrastructure projects in the field of power plants, petrochemicals and railways, from the achievements of the mining and banking bank in recent years.

He said that in recent years, along with professional activities, the Bank of Industry and Mine has been carrying out social responsibility as well, as four blood centers can be named.

Afkhami, it is necessary to increase the bank`s capital and extend the repayment time of the facility to maintain and enhance the activities of the industry and mining bank and as a result of the country`s credit.

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