Opening of Gas Station of West Mazandaran Combined Cycle Power Plant with the presence of Minister of Energy and with the facilities of Bank of Industry and Mine
Mining News Pro - At a ceremony attended by Ardakaniyan Minister of Energy, Islamic Governor of Mazandaran and Hossein Askari, Member of the Board of Directors of the Industry and Mine Bank of the Gas Power Plant of the West Mazandaran Combined Cycle Power Plant


According to Mining News Pro - According to the information bank of the industry and mining bank of this plant, with the facilities of 215 million euros, the bank is being implemented and its gas unit was exploited using the most advanced and largest gas turbine of the country with the capacity of 307 MW.

With the utilization of the steam section of the power plant being installed, the plant`s capacity is 460 megawatts and its employment rate reaches 67.

It is said that the first power plant is the first combined cycle power plant with a 59% efficiency rating with the highest class in the country (Class F) with the technology of the gas turbine-generator-turbine steam on a single axle (Single Shaft) for the first time in the country.

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