The $ 18 billion plan is running to 1,400
Mining News Pro - The chairman of the executive committee of IMIDRO today held an intimate meeting with reporters. Mehdi Karbasiyan firstly thanked the media co-sponsor for the development of Iran`s mining and mineral industries, saying: "This section has been developing and we will have new openings soon."


According to Mining News Pro - Mehdi Karbasiyan said during the celebration of the reporter`s day that the reporters have played a significant role in the development of the country and IMIDRO. The role of the reporter is to create transparency and health of the country, and as the press and the media are free, we can definitely maintain the health of the community and continue the path.

He continued: A healthy, dynamic and growing society is in the economic and political spheres that governs the health of the caretaker, but if there is no clean and clear atmosphere, the progress will be short-lived and the country will be in trouble.

"In the advanced countries, the media play an essential role in the health of the country, and we, if we establish this, and the media and the correspondent," said the chairman of the executive committee of IMIDRO, saying that I accept that your position in the state and government is not worthy of proper consideration. More attention is being paid to the health of the country.

He continued: We hope that a special place will be allocated to this sector in the government.

Expressing that in the early 11th state (September 9th), the mining and mineral sector was not very high on the economic scene, Karbassian stated: "In the year 92, IMIDRO was an unprofitable organization with large tax, bank and treasury debts, and serious critique of This area included the suspension of the plans of this area, including 7 steel projects, etc. However, the authorities did not have a special place for the development role of this area.

He continued, "The debt has now been paid, which, at the same time, has attracted public and private sector investment (32 trillion USD) and the launch of projects." The public sector, the private and public sectors, played a valuable role in this development, but the role of journalists in these successes was high.

Chairman of the board of directors of IMIDRO, referring to the year 96, was a good year for the mining and mineral sector, said: "Over the past year, with the desirable activity of our colleagues in the public, private and public sectors, more than $ 10.7 billion worth of mineral products and mineral industries We accounted for 22% of the country`s total exports.

He continued: the steel production capacity was over 31 million metric tons and the amount of crude steel production reached 22 million tons. During this year, a major effort was taken to develop a resilient economy and reduce crude oil.

Karbassian said that over the period from 1993 to 1996, more than $ 3 billion, and in 1996, we opened $ 2.3 billion, said the actions included the activation of seven steel projects (the opening of five direct revival projects and the opening 2 other projects, as well as the opening of a white-plain steelmaking unit by the end of this year), the opening of the potash-khur and bayabanak projects after years of preparation for the construction of a calcium chloride plant, the activation of the titanium Kahnoj project after a long time and the opening of the first phase of the port Was the parsian.

He continued: The opening of the 300,000-tonne Aluminum South project with a $ 1 billion investment this year, the opening of the 40,000-ton Jajarm Al-Awak plan by November, the launch of Sangan (2 planes of 5 million tons of pellets last year and 2.5 million tons Concentrates and 5 million tons of pellets this year) and the opening of other projects in the region by next year, including the forthcoming actions.

The chairman of the IMIDRO board of directors said: "The $ 18 billion plan is running to 1,400, which will create 32,000 jobs.

Referring to the production of mining products this year, Karbassian said that 15% crude steel production, 41% pellet, 22% concentrate, 60% copper cathode and 13% steel exports increased in the last four months.

He added: "This is a forward path and will continue with the rational decision of the statesmen, exports and production."

The head of the IMIDRO board of directors, referring to IMIDRO`s extensive nationalization of the field of exploration, with the implementation of the 270,000-meter program throughout the country, said: 200,000 meters of aerial geophysics were carried out in the program, the latest in the Kurdistan region, covering an area of 5,000 square kilometers Was dedicated.

Karbassian added that the result of IMIDRO`s actions in exploration is to achieve 400 promising points, some of which are left to the private sector to continue work.

He added that during this time, new mineral deposits were discovered, including iron ore, gold, barite, rare earth elements, and so on. For example, 200 million tons were added to the total Sangan iron ore deposits. Karbassian also said that 120,000 meters of exploratory drilling was carried out last year.

Chief Executive Officer IMIDRO referred to the development of a 4-year roadmap for mining and quarrying as one of the best efforts of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, and said: "This roadmap is finalized and will be announced by the Minister in the near future."

He continued: Mining and Mining Industries are among the areas that will be undermined by the availability of raw materials, domestic gas and Iranian technology against sanctions. There are problems with sanctions and we hope we can make good progress in this regard.

Referring to the small mine action, Karbassian said: "Given that there are almost no open pit mines, we must go to small mines to build capacity." Hence, the mining and manufacturing company, by concluding a memorandum with MIDHCO and Golgohar, and in the near future with the National Copper Corporation, will create jobs and develop this sector.

He added: The amount of capital of the investment fund for mineral activity was increased from 10 billion to 110 billion USD, and we hope it will reach 500 billion USD. It is also planned to allocate 1,200 billion USD to the fund from the funds of the National Development Fund.

Head of the IMIDRO Executive Board said: Public Relations held the first mine photography festival this year, and this year`s second festival will be held. It is also to be documented in the field of mining, mining and mining, history and progress.

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