Shale, Bloom and Sponge Iron In stock in Iran
Mining News Pro - The Industrial and Mining Forum of the Iranian Commodity Exchange on Monday, August 22, hosts the supply of slabs, bloom ingots and sponge iron.


According to Mining News Pro - Today and in the aforementioned hall 30 thousand tons of C sheets of Khuzestan Steel Company , 40 thousand tons of slab SM of Mobarakeh Steel Co. of Isfahan, 10 thousand tons of bloom steel, Kaveh Steel Company of South Kish and 10 thousand tons of Sponge Iron of Sirjan World Steel Company and 16 kg of gold bullion of Zarshuran mine Gets

According to the report, 19,515 tons of bitumen and 296 tons of moisture insulation will be supplied at the exposition hall of Iran`s stock exchange.

The report states that 18,674 tons of polymer materials, bitumen and granular sulfur are being supplied to the oil and petrochemicals trading floor.

The Agricultural Commodity Exchange of Iran`s Commodity Exchange also has 5,600 tons of wheat, 2,200 tons of sugar, 4 tons, and 500 kilograms of saffron.

The stock market in the Iranian stock market is also supplying 178 tons of metal waste, 1,720 barrels of empty steel, 60 tons of locomotive and 20,000 wooden trawls.

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