Managing director of Esfahan Steel Co., the main problem is the supply of coal to coal
Mining News Pro -Managing director of Esfahan Steel Co. said: "Today we are proud to say that the Esfahan Steel Company, according to the European Day of Railways, is producing rails, but the main problem of this company is the supply of coal.


According yo Mining News Pro - Mansour Yazdizadeh said at the opening ceremony of the 10th International Steel and Metallurgy Exhibition of Isfahan: "Until now, there was a railroad production in the country, but it was not in accordance with European standards, which we have fortunately achieved.

He expressed his hope: Zobahan Esfahan could meet the needs of the metro in Isfahan, because there is no limit to this.

Managing director of Esfahan Steel Co. stressed: Esfahan Steel Company is leading the production of steel. Although some believe in the erosion of various parts of the factory, but we must say that there are many modernization and technical and technical problems.

Yazdizadeh said that iron oxide is a major factor in meeting environmental standards, and said: "Although steel is an infectious industry, iron oxide is the latest technology to reduce pollutants.

He said that the topic of water in the steel industry is very important, pointed out: the main objective of iron smelting is the optimal use of water resources and, in order to save water consumption, the use of wastewater adjacent to the production process in We have put the agenda.

He said that the consumption of water at a time when the ironmongery was laid was a cubic meter per second, but now the figure is up to 33 percent, said: With savings, we could reduce the number to less than 7 liters However, we plan to use less than 5 liters, which is negligible compared to other industries, such as digital farming.

Managing director of Steel Esfahan added: "Despite the sanctions, the biggest challenge is the supply of steel by the electrode and the main problem is the supply of coal from iron and steel, and we hope we can solve these problems.

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