Basic metals and extraction of metal ores were ranked second and third most valuable glass doors
Mining News Pro - Tehran Stock Exchange statistics for the one-month period ended July 22st, showed that chemical products are ranked first in the most valuable glass-paneled industry, with the main metals and mining of metal ores in the next category.


According to Mining News Pro - Published data shows: In the first month of the summer, the industry survey in terms of market value shows that the chemical group with the possession of 28 companies and the market value of $ 4,666,666,667 are ranked first, the base metals with $ 15,785,714,286 and the extraction of metal ores With $ 8,476,190,476.

It should be noted that in the debt securities market in the four months leading up to the end of July, 36 million sheets were traded to $ 829,119. According to the report, in the 4 months of this year, 1267 million units of traded investment funds in Tehran Stock Exchange with a total value of more than $ 307,643 were traded and increased by 443% and increased by 418% compared to the same period The year 2017 came along.

It should be noted that the P / E ratio of the market in July was 6.34 times. It should be noted that 53 companies have predicted zero or negative earnings that are not included in the calculation. Also, in July 2017, 17 active companies in this group are not included in the P / E report due to the unproportionality of the forecast of profits of investment firms. Therefore, the ratio of price to earnings "P / E" calculated based on market value of 273 companies is 4.014.886 billion Rials and the expected profit is more than $ 15,800,286.

It should be noted that during the four months leading up to July 2017, 58,307 million shares worth $ 2,780,571 were traded through electronic trading, accounting for approximately 31.68% and 23.1% of total transactions.

According to the report, by the end of the fourth month of this year, the highest value of transactions between the regional halls in the regional hall of Kish, with a swap of $ 1,471,190, the regional hall of Isfahan with a swap of $ 182,714, the regional hall of Mashhad with a swap of $ 118,357, The regional hall of Tabriz exchanges 3720 billion Rials and regional hall of Yazd
 $ 88,571 in their name.

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