The ferrochrome of Sabzevar is two products/The complex`ll have a nominal capacity of 25 thousand tons of ferrochrome in 2018
Mining News Pro - Ferosilice will be produced soon in the Ferrochrome Sabzevar Complex in addition to ferrochrome


According to the Public Relations Department of Iranian Mineral Processing and Production Company, Hesam Moghaddam Ali, Deputy Director of Exploitation and Exploration of the company, said last year, the management of Sabzevar Ferrochrome Complex was transferred to the private sector, and after completing the factory`s major repairs, the complex It managed to produce 10 thousand tons of ferrochrome and 6 melt a day, and we hope to reach 25 thousand tons of ferrochrome this year.

Referring to the positive performance of the Nakhlak Lead Complex after outsourcing to the private sector, he said: Since 2016, with the transfer of the company`s management to the private sector, we have succeeded in increasing production capacity by increasing the capacity of the processing line.

Moghaddam Ali noted that the company has invested over 10 billion USD in the complex and has created 90 new jobs in the mine.

Deputy Director for Exploitation and Exploration of the Iranian Mineral Processing and Production Company, stated: "In the exploration section, valuable results have been obtained in the late 19th century, and we hope that by completing the exploration process, new mineral deposits will be prepared and mechanized extraction of the mine in the future." Close to reach.

Moghaddam Ali, referring to IMPASCO`s reconnaissance activities in order to attract investment, said: "So far we have succeeded in assigning six heuristic areas that all of these areas are in the stage of exploration and equipping, and this year there are also 8 new areas in line The transfer to the private sector investor is planned.

He continued the process of increasing production in some IMPASCO complexes and added: Last year, at the Anguran Complex, we had 11% growth in production compared to the program, as well as the production of gold bullion in 2017 was 340 kg and production The actual 602 kilograms has therefore grown 77 percent.

The Deputy Director of Exploitation and Exploration of the Iran Mining and Extraction Company said: Last year, we achieved 100% complete production of the Peer  Bekran limestone complex.

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