54% share of Fars Province in the production of refractory and industrial soils
Mining News Pro - The governor of Fars province`s industry, mining and trade organization said the province is rich in mineral resources, as the mining and mining sector has been mentioned as one of the key core of the province`s development.


According to Mining News Pro - Ali Hemmati, at the sixth session of the Mine Council of the province, pointed out the performance of the Mine Council of the province, adding that the number of decrees of the Mine Council of the province was 44, of which 39 were in effect, which were fully implemented, and 5 were approved by the Ministry of Defense. Follow up.

The secretary of the Mine Council of Fars province, at the meeting, reported on the latest status of fire and industrial mines, ceramic tile and tile units, as well as the use and usage of fireproofing in the province.

He said: "The main use of various kinds of industrial and industrial soils in the country is similar to the country in the production of ceramic tiles and walls.

Hemayi pointed out that the share of the province in the amount of production of various types of industrial and refractory soils in the country was 40 percent in 2016 and 95 percent in the year 2017, and was 53.85 percent in 2017. In 2016, the production of various types of refractory and industrial soils in the country was 4.5 million tons. With Fars province 1.8 million tons, in 2013, the country has 5.2 million tons and Fars province 2.8 million tons.

He said that the country`s production capacity last year was 635 million tons, while the province`s production capacity was 42.3 million tons in the same period, while the province`s share of the country is 6.7 percent.

The head of the industry, mining, and trade organization of the province pointed out that our country has been among the top 10 tile and ceramic producers in the recent years, adding that the actual production of tile and ceramics in our country during the last few years suffered from extreme fluctuations So that the ratio of production to capacity declined from 94% in 87 to 61% in 1995, the main reason for this decline was due to the downturn in the consumption market.

Hemati said: Our country is ranked 7th in terms of the world`s total export value of 210 countries, with the country`s share of about $ 345 million and the global market totaled $ 18 billion, and China with $ 5.5 billion The highest value of exports is in Italy and Spain with $ 4.4 and $ 2.9 billion in the second and third ranks.

Hemmati reported that about 66 percent of the ceramic tile capacity of the province was created and launched in the 1990s, and about 50 percent of it is in the tenth and eleventh governments.

The head of the Fars province Industry, Mining and Trade Company added that for the production of one square meter of ceramic tile, about 15 kg of soil is consumed, and the average weight per square meter is 20 kg, that is, about 75% of each square meter The product is mineral soils.

Hemati said: Regarding the existing capacity of the province, the provincial active units process about 660 thousand tons of industrial production in the province. In other words, 22% of all types of industrial fire and industrial areas are processed in the province itself.

He stressed: Given the production ratio to the nominal capacity of the country, which is 61 percent, so the construction of any new unit should absolutely be viewed with export.

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