Weekly inventory change of base metals in the world`s warehouses
Mining News Pro - The inventory of base metals in the London Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange shows that the inventory of most metals is decreasing.


The copper inventory on the London Metal Exchange dropped 1.1 percent to 250,000 and 625 tons, dropping 2.2 percent to 192,817 tons in Shanghai. Copper inventories in customs warehouses also dropped by 7% to 475,000 tonnes.

The lead inventory on the London Metal Exchange dropped by 2 percent, to 125,325 tons, and nickel dropped 1.6 percent to 253,000 and 278 tons on the stock exchange.

Titanium has also dropped 27 percent to 2,895 tons.

The stock on the London Stock Exchange dropped 3.6 percent to 234,000 and 275 tons, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange recorded an increase in inventories and rose 0.8 percent to 48,534 tons.

Aluminum, like the zinc on the London Stock Exchange, boosted inventory growth and traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The drop in the LME was 1.2 percent and reached more than 185 million tons, and in Shanghai, it grew by 0.1 percent, about 906 thousand tons.

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