The growing trend of the Export Development Bank of Iran with the lifting of sanctions
Mining News Pro - The growing trend, improved capital adequacy ratios, and favorable liquidity ratios are interpretations that the International Institute (Capital Intelligence) has used in its latest report on the Iranian Export Development Bank.


According to Mining News Pro - Capital Intelligence, in a report released this year, rated a supportive 2 for the Export Development Bank, which, according to the Institute, indicates a high probability of the Iranian government`s support in the area of liquidity and capital.

This institution has improved the ratio of capital adequacy to 10 trillion riyals in the first six months of 1396, adding that it has reached a credible level.

According to the report, the direct access of the Iranian Export Development Bank to regular medium-term and long-term government facilities is one of the factors that improved the rating of the bank.
In addition to its favorable outlook, the institute has noted that the Export Development Bank`s liquidity ratios are favorable, and notes that since the abolition of sanctions in January 2016, there has been a growing trend in the activities of the Export Development Bank of Iran.

Capital Intelligence also said in its report: The favorable business model of the Export Development Bank shows that it benefits from economic recovery and reduced inflation.

The report added: The long-term and short-term foreign-exchange rate of the Export Development Bank of Iran has not changed since last year and is at the level of the country`s foreign exchange rate. Also, the bank`s outlook was "stable" by May 2018.

The total assets of the Export Development Bank of Iran by the end of September 2017 totaled $ 7.6 billion and the total capital of the bank was $ 2 billion.

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