Is China’s Inner Mongolia Region becoming Manufacturing Hub for Graphite Electrode Industry?
The graphite electrode (GE) consumption in China is increasing rapidly amid the supply-side reforms undertaken by the country. In its efforts to control overcapacity and curb rising levels of pollution, the Chinese government has ordered the closure of many polluting induction, blast furnaces and also GE units. At the same time, it is promoting usage of more electric furnaces to produce steel which requires graphite electrodes as key raw material. Thus this closure of GE units and promotion of EAFs has made graphite electrode industry in China as one of the main focus of investment.


China’s inner Mongolia region which is already a manufacturing hub for the country has attracted a large number of graphite enterprises over past one year due to its preferential investment policy and cheap electricity tariff. The region have about 15 ongoing projects including that of graphite electrodes, graphitization foundry, lithium battery anode materials and other related companies.

According to sources from the region, the capacity addition in case of graphite electrode is planned to be 330,000 tonnes, that of lithium battery anode material is 218,000 tonne and graphitization foundry is 16.2 MnT.

As in Jul`18, the progress of various projects was different but the declared graphite electrode projects are almost completed. Below is the detailed list of projects that are being carried in China’s Mongolian region:

Serial No

Company Name


Project planning


Inner Mongolia Aoyuan New Material Co. Ltd

Anode material, Graphitization

The annual output of the negative electrode is 10,000 tonne, and the annual output of graphitization is 0.5 MnT.


Inner Mongolia Hongferg New Material Co. Ltd

Graphite electrode

The first phase of the anode material is 0.3 MnT, high power (HP) GE is 30,000 tonnes, the second phase anode material is 0.3 MnT and HP GE is 25,000 tonnes


Inner Mongolia Haimeng Graphene Technology Co. Ltd.

Graphite crucible

Annual production of 100,000 sets of special anodes for negative electrodes and 20,000 tonnes of negative graphitization production lines


Inner Mongolia Yingxiang Carbon Co.

Graphite electrode

20,000 tonnes of UHP GE, 10,000 tonnes of anode material


Inner Mongolia Hengshen New Energy Technology Ltd


10,000 tonne of negative electrode material graphitization project


Inner Mongolia Ziyan Technology Co. Ltd

Anode material, Graphitization

20,00 tonne of anode material


Inner Mongolia Kaijin New Energy Technology Co. Ltd

Anode material, Graphitization

15,000 tonne lithium battery graphite anode material


Inner Mongolia Xinyuan Technology Co. Ltd

Anode material, Graphitization

10,000 tonnes of anode material project


Inner Mongolia Snow New Material Techology Co. Ltd

Anode material

Construction of an annual output of 16,000 tonnes of anode material project


Inner Mongolia Shanshan Technology Co. Ltd.

Anode material

The graphitization and carbonization process is 50,000 tonne, and the raw materials and raw materials are 100,000 tonnes of finished products


Inner Mongolia Sanxin Industrial Co. Ltd

Graphite electrode

A new capacity of 100,000 tons will be added. The project will be constructed in three phases. The first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation at 40,000 tonnes/year, and the second and third phases will each be 30,000 tonnes/year


Inner Mongolia Yigao New Carbon Material Co., Ltd.

Activated Carbon anode material

The construction of a 10,000-tonne carbon material project, including an annual output of 7,000 tonnes of anode materials and an annual output of 3,000 tonnes of supercapacitor activated carbon


Inner Mongolia Ruisheng Carbon New Material Technology Co. Ltd


15,000 tonnes of negative anode material graphitization


Jimen Carbon Co. Ltd

Graphite electrode

120,000 tonnes of ultra-high power graphite electrode, the first phase of 80,000 tonne


Wulanchabu Xufeng Carbon Technology Co Ltd

Graphite electrode

10,000 tonnes of ultra-high power graphite electrode

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