The first hematite iron ore processing plant with a private partnership with IMIDRO
Mining News Pro - The head of the IMIDRO Agency announced that the first hematite iron ore processing plant in the country will be opened Saturday at the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade in Jalalabad, Zarand, Kerman province.

Referring to the characteristics of the project, Mehdi Karbassian stated: "The new technology of low iron hematite iron ore processing (which so far was not present in Iran), as well as the private sector investment in the construction of this project, are two significant characteristics of iron ore processing plant Jalalabad is Zarand.

Recalling IMIDRO`s development tasks, Karbassian said the organization called for investment in the production of low-grade hematite concentrate, which was announced in 2014. Now, with the opening of this factory, we are witnessing the launch of IMIDRO`s first private capital investment plan.

He said the hematite ore mining plant was built using a low-grade depo, adjacent to the Jalal Abad mine, which has been realized by investing (Fukur Industry) for 157 billion USD. Karbassian reminded: Over the past decade, 10 million tons of low-grade iron ore (34 percent) had been deposited in the vicinity of the mine.

The head of the IMIDRO executive team said about the project`s work: 160 employees directly and more than 500 people worked indirectly.

Recalling that the plant was built 18 months after the contract was effective and according to the scheduling schedule, said the plant with an input of 2,2 million tons annually, from the annual production capacity of 600 thousand tons of iron ore concentrate With iron grade above 66%.

Karbassian said: "The plan is aimed at improving the productivity of mines and mining, which is now welcoming other companies to reprocess and increase the productivity of other mines."

According to Karbassian, using the new technology of low-grade mineral processing, which is unusable, can help to create employment and increase the productivity of mines while providing raw materials for industrial units.

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