Sustainable development of Kerman mineral industry depends on the implementation of the project for the transfer of water from the Persian Gulf
Mining News Pro - Mohammad Reza Baniasadi Rad, Managing Director of Copper Company, visited the Persian Gulf Water Transmission Project in Kerman province and emphasized the sustainable development of Kerman Mining Industries by implementing the project.

According to the managing director of copper company, the development of the sustainable development of copper industry will be achieved by completing and exploiting the project of water transfer from the Persian Gulf.

Mohammad Reza Bonaiasadi Rad, CEO of Copper Co., along with Ali Mohammadi, a member of the board of Copper Company and Mohammad Reza Avesh, deputy director of development and exploration of copper company, visited the Persian Gulf Water Transmission Project in Kerman province and closely studied the progress of this project. put.

In addition, a meeting was held with the participation of managers of Persian Gulf Water Supply Company and Iranian and foreign executives of the project. The obstacles and problems of the implementation of this plan were reviewed to resolve it as soon as possible.

Managing Director of Copper Corporation said that the project is now well-developed, said: "Fortunately, the equipment and equipment related to this project have arrived in Iran and there are no concerns about the provision of equipment.

He said: "Water transfer from the Persian Gulf will definitely lead to the development of mineral industries in Kerman province and will provide sustainable development in this sector.

The company`s CEO stated: "The project is important for achieving the goals of the Copper Company in the sixth program," he said. "Development and increase of production capacity through the launch of new mines is of great importance, and the copper effort is that, along with the company Golgohar, Chadormalou, as well as the government`s support for this project Get started as soon as possible.

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