Issue $ 42380000 Insurance and Mineral Warranty
Mining News Pro - The Mining Insurance Investment Fund announced its performance report for the past year, broken down by period. According to the report, the $ 42380000 insurance and mortgage guarantee was issued by the fund in 2017.

According to Mining News Pro , Since the beginning of its activities, the Insurance Fund has paid 1,682 insurance claims worth over $ 126,640,000.

Of these, 663 items of warranties worth $ 110,540,000 were issued in the credit department, and in the investment sector, one thousand and nineteen items of insurance worth over $ 16,100,000 were issued.

The fund has been active in the area of issuing guarantees in the credit and utilization sectors, processing units and ornamentation, and issued 32 security and warranties worth $ 42,380,000.

In the six months leading up to June 1997, a total of 18 items of warranties and insurance policies worth $ 13,474,000 were issued, of which 10 items worth $ 13,236,000 in the credit department and 8 items worth $ 238,000 issued in the investment sector Is.

In the 3 months of the spring, out of a total of 10 insurance policies worth $ 332,000, five items were issued to $ 180,000 and five insurance policies worth $ 152,000 for the investment sector.

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