Copper and its recycling capability
Mining News Pro - Perhaps the name of the "Rhodes Giant" is one of the seven wonders of the world; the Rhodes giant is a statue of Helios, the god of the sun, made of copper at the entrance to the port of Rhodes in Greece. There is no trace of this sculpture, and the researchers believe the reason for this is copper recycling. The 100% copper recycling capability has turned the Rhodes giant into copper objects over the course of history. This is the property of copper, making it the most economical metal in the world. Part of the copper and market economy of this product depend on the use and recycling of copper scrap.

According to Mining News Pro , Some high-purity copper industries are required. For example, magnetic wires used in transformers, motors, and other electronic devices require refined copper because high purity copper conducts electrical current best and also increases resistance to motors. That`s why we need pure copper to transmit high voltages of electrical current and electromagnetic induction. Although some electrical recycling techniques can convert copper to Grade A again, they can be used to make these types of wires. However, in other industries, high purity of copper is not important.

Copper scrap can be used in high voltage cables or power cables that are not as sensitive as magnetic wires. Although these cables, which are used in most industries, are melting in the presence of high impurities, which can lead to a lot of dangers. That is why the scrap used in these cables is combined with pure copper, and after ensuring the quality of the final copper, it can be used on power cables.

For scraps other than electric consumption, copper scrap is the best option. In many cases, the removal of copper from the metals that it comes with is very difficult, and as a result, the impurities of scrap are high. But some copper applications do not require such a strict separation, which is also high. For copper pipes or copper ceilings, for example, the copper conductivity is not important, there is no need for high-purity copper and copper scrap is more widely used. In the case of heat exchanges, such as a car radiator or radiator, the use of copper scrap is very high.

On the other hand, copper has a variety of alloys; alloys such as rice, which are widely used, from locked nails to marine industries and ammunition, require rice. In the case of rice, there is also no choice but to recycle because without reuse of rice scraps, the price of the rice will rise sharply, which means hurting a lot of rice dependent industries.

Currently, China is the world`s largest consumer of copper scrap. At the beginning of this year, the country passed a scrap import ban, which predicts that with the full implementation of this law in 2018, 45% of China`s scrap consumption will decrease compared to last year.

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