Realization of three missions from the very beginning to the present
Mining News Pro - Managing Director of MIDHCO Center The three main missions of MIDHCO from the very beginning to date have been the formulation of strategy, the completion of the value chain and the balance in this chain.

Reza Ashraf Semnani said in a conversation with Mine News that from the beginning of the establishment of MIDHCO, the strategy was formulated on the agenda of the managers and officials of the company, said that the strategy was designed to carry out activities in the form of a specific strategy and the strategic slogan of MIDHCOThe founding was that our development began with the mine, because the connection to the mine would make the production chain move forward properly.

He added that MIDHCO is one of the few companies that are successfully operating in the country to complete the chain and to locate the projects appropriately.

According to Ashraf Semnani, the mine will reduce the risk of activities, and one of the challenges of the comprehensive plan is the shortage of minerals in the long run.

He argued that proper placement and possession of mines near production units and ultimately the completion of the value chain would not only lead to lower prices, reduced transportation costs and environmental issues, but also increase the competitiveness of domestic and international markets. Gives.

Chief Executive Officer MIDHCO continued: Completion of the chain in addition to the above mentioned, adds a fairly high added value to the company and its shareholders.

He argued that Midco`s other strategy was the establishment of a balance of materials and material, or material balance, that the goal of the strategy was to fund projects and downstream projects. In this way, we also prepared our value for our presence in the domestic and international markets, and we also upgraded our technical knowledge, and in the end, the concentration of units would facilitate the management of the collection.

Ashraf Samnani said: Maddo has tried to become a model for the mineral industry in the country. We have tried to reduce the consumption of energy and water, and even the number of manpower through the use of the highest technology, and increase the productivity of the collection and competitiveness by increasing the scale of production. For example, a direct recovery unit that uses CDQ technology is used, which uses gas for cooling, and finally, it can be powered by gas from the power plant process next to the project.

Referring to the technical knowledge created in the steel and copper chain holding, he said: "This technical datasheet is not only applicable to other projects that are being implemented and defined in the country but it is also capable of introducing and exporting to other countries.

Advisor to the manager of MIDHCOreferred to the production situation in the holding and stated that the holding is 4 units 2 million tons and a total of 8 million tons of concentrate, which is planned in proportion to the steel production capacity of 4.2 million tons. Meanwhile, due to some requests from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade to accelerate the construction of pelletizing units due to the lack of this material in the country, we recorded an acceptable record in the construction of these units and eventually 3 units 2.5 million A total of 7.5 million tons of pellets were launched with two different technologies in MIDHCO, which now have reached their nominal capacity.

He continued: "Regarding sponge iron, MIDHCO initially upgraded his 800,000-tonne sponge iron unit to a one-millionth unit, and now the unit has been manufactured and even part of its products have been issued for high quality. However, with the launch and mass production of the adjacent steel making unit in the coming months, it is expected that the recovery unit will be injected into and pumped into this unit, while the second unit, which is 2 million tons, is expected to begin in early 1998 And the total amount of steel and its recovery unit has a good physical development.

Ashraf Semnani said that, along with the development of its processing plans, MIDHCO upgraded its minerals to equip mines and fleets to produce mines with the power to produce and to supply the needs of the units, while the discovery sector was one of the priorities of the company And exploratory designs are followed with power.

It is safe to say that due to the high quality of products produced in MIDHCO, all products have been exported to several countries in several parts, in addition to the quality benchmark in export markets, the experience of trading and exporting sales is also gaining momentum," he explained. We will be At IMI100, MIDHCO was recognized as the top export company, and the export of copper tubes, ferrosilicon, iron ore concentrate and sponge iron exports is one of the proofs of this issue. We also had a foreign client for the pellets, but we placed the priority on the supply side.

Advisor to Managing Director MIDHCO said: From the very beginning, the company has put international cooperation into its plans and strategies, and in addition to providing the product, it can provide technical knowledge to domestic and foreign customers. MIDHCO has established two companies in Germany and one in China to facilitate international logistics and communications. MIDHCO prepares for high-tech competition, lower-cost technology, and thus the provision of its export infrastructure for international markets, while pursuing the London Stock Exchange. In the same vein, IFRS financial systems, or the same international financial reporting standards, were developed and implemented in MIDHCO and subsidiary companies as these are requirements for the presence on the foreign market.

He pointed out, "We have also carried out surveys for investments abroad and are part of our plans, because we believe some of the technologies used in MIDHCO are also needed by other countries. In conclusion, three missions defined for MIDHCO include the emergence of a model for the country`s industries, increased value added and the upgrading of knowledge and technology, and in

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