The Iralco research project was on the agenda of the parliament
Mining News Pro - The investigation of the transfer and sale of the shares of Iran Iron Ore Company (IRALCO) is on the agenda of the House of Representatives.

According to Mining News Pro - In recent days, there have been discussions about the possibility of collusion, as well as non-compliance with legal provisions regarding the transfer of part of private equity shares of Iralco to the private sector in the form of securities and securities. Accordingly, a number of representatives of the Iralco research and development plan have been provided, which has been handed over to the board of directors of Parliament and is undergoing an administrative process.

In the context of the request for inquiry, representatives have come to the conclusion: "The shares of this company have been left without rivals and exclusively without real price discovery to those who are not affiliated with."

One of the pillars of this project is the privatization organization`s actions in assigning shares of the company, how to find out the price and how to verify the buyer`s eligibility.

Ali Akbar Karimi said: "I also pursued this matter and I had correspondence with the head of the Securities and Exchange Organization, and there were talks with the head of the organization and the stockholders and stockholders, and we are trying to do this." And the discussion should be scrutinized as soon as possible. The head of the Bourse and Shahr Bazaar will examine this matter carefully and will even carry out a special audit for this purpose.

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