A major event is on the way / Conducting the International Conference on Iron and Steel Innovations in Sep. 2018
Mining News Pro - The international steel and iron and steel innovations conference (Steel Mint) will be held from 3 to 5 October this year (September 25-27, 2018) at the Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai.

Steel VIA is a technology and exhibition conference where steel industry leaders worldwide share their innovations, experiences, teachings and products. The focus of the conference is on providing special, modern technology in a context that adds value to the industry.

The slogan of this conference and special event can be stated as follows: "Join the world`s top innovators to experience the future before the event, because learning is lasting and the transformations are lasting."

The conference will present 360-degree coverage of the latest innovations in the steel industry.

Steel processing and processing technologies are also being monitored.

The conference is intended to be a constructive dialogue between innovators and innovation seekers to feed the new wave of innovation.

The event will feature 40 professional speakers and 90 exhibit booths will showcase the capabilities of companies and related organizations from around the world.

The event also includes a semi-modern technology and new technology for steel chain marketing, as well as a half-board panel focused on IRAN 2025, which will be run by Dr. Keivan Jafari Taherani.
Mining News Pro, as the exclusive representative of this event in Iran, welcomes enthusiasts to attend the event.

For more information and registration call on 0098 (21) 88 94 74 39 or 09910818736 to contact Telegram and WhatsApp and email madannewsiran@gmail.com.

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