Iran to Enhance Crude Steel Capacity to 38 MnT pa by Year End - Reports
Mining News Pro - Iran likely to expand crude steel capacity to 38 MnT pa by year end against current capacity of 32 MnT pa


According to Ardeshir Saad Muhammadi, Deputy Director IMIDRO Mining and Mining Industries Development, Iran’s crude steel capacity is likely to be expanded to 37 MnT pa by end of this year which currently stands at 32 MnT pa. Furthermore Iran plans to increase its crude steel capacity to 55 MnT pa by 2025.

Majority of the steel expansions coming up are from private sector and expansion plans, investments are monitored every two months.

Iran’s increasing domestic iron ore requirement - Presently Iran’s iron ore extraction limit is around 80 MnT. Iron ore concentrate producing capacity is 48 MnT and that of pellets is around 45 MnT. With increasing steel capacities coming up, Iran’s requirement for iron ore and pellets will also increase.

Iran has been exporting iron ore primarily to China in past few years, but as per trade sources with upcoming pellet plants coming up and rising domestic capacities, Iran’s self consumption of iron ore pellets will increase which may lead to reduced export volumes.

Mr Mohammadi further added, in the Sangan area, 40 MnT iron ore is to be extracted which in turn will produce 15 MnT pellets and about 17.5 MnT iron ore concentrate by private sector including Mobarakeh Steel Company, Steel Kaveh, National Development and Persian Investment.

Iran’s pellet making capacity reached 45 MnT by end of CY17 - Notably Iran’s pellet making capacities increased to 45 MnT pa in end of CY17 as against 30 MnT in beginning of last year. Two pelletizing plants of 5 MnT pa were put up in Sangan mineral zone. Two other pellet plants of 2.5 MnT pa capacity each were also set up taking up country’s total pellet capacity to 45 MnT pa.

~ Inputs from Chilan Online


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