Infrastructure, a challenge that remains in the mining sector
Mining News Pro - Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development Plans, said, "We will not have iron ore for export in the next two years."

Ardeshir Saad Muhammadi said: "Currently, a significant portion of the extraction of 80 million tons of iron ore is being processed internally."

He added that by the year 1404, 160 million tons of iron ore would be needed, he said, adding that the current production capacity of iron ore concentrate and pellets is 48 million and 45 million tons, respectively.

"Now a small portion of granular iron ore is being exported by the private sector, and in the next one or two years, due to the launch of new concentrates and pellets in the Sangan and Golgohar areas of Kerman, not only will we not export iron ore." But we will also face the shortage of this mineral. Hence, the issue of creating added value in the process of iron ore production has been put into operation and operational.

Deputy Director for Mining and Mining Development Plans, referring to the program for producing 55 million tons of crude steel on the horizon of 1404, stated: The Steel Company is monitoring and controlling the technical techniques of steel projects. So far, we have produced 32 million tons of crude steel production capacity by the end of this year with a capacity of 38 million tons of steel. Details of access to the capacity to the horizon of 55 million tons are visible on the National Steel Company website.

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