A requirement for a comprehensive plan to increase credits and development programs
Mining News Pro - The chairman of the IMIDRO board of directors at the Annual General Assembly of the Investment Fund for Mineral Resources Investment (Year of 2017) said: record capital increase fund, support for mines, development of rural mines, research activities to better introduce the development role of the Infernal Insurance Fund in the government and parliament, as well as focusing on exploration operations, priority should be given to the fund`s programs.

Mehdi Karbasiyan, in attendance at the meeting with members of the board of directors of the investment fund for mineral activity, said that the purpose of the fund`s establishment was to develop and protect mines, adding that the fund`s capital increase has been increased to 143 billion Toman (equal to 28,600,000 $). And, of course, the need to increase the capital needed to accomplish this is to be done.

He emphasized that attention to helicopter operations is of high status, and in this context the support of mines and small companies should be taken into consideration.

The chairman of the board of directors, IIMIDRO, said in another part of his speech: Investing in the coal sector should be considered because the current production rate is not enough to meet the country`s needs. It is necessary for the government to have a mining and mineral sector support approach; hence, it will assist the coal sector to supply it internally.
While appreciating the actions of the Investment Fund for Mining Investment for the Development of Rural Mines, Karbasiyan said that the fund could carry out a research work with a short-term research project to introduce its role and development role, and to prepare a plan Comprehensive; Grounds for the attention of the government and the parliament.

the Comprehensive Plan will lead to substantial steps to be taken to increase the funds of the Fund and advance its development plans, undoubtedly " he said.

In the course of this meeting, Farid Dehghani, director of the Investment Fund for Mineral Resources Insurance, commented on the five-month performance report of the complex and said: "The fund will provide support activities in different rings of the value chain of investment in the private sector of mining and mineral industries on its agenda. Has set.

He announced the issuance of about 220 billion USD of insurance policies for projects, adding that the establishment of an agreement on the name of the cooperative to support the development and sustainable employment of rural and nomadic communities using the resources of the National Development Fund has been one of the measures taken by the fund. With the implementation of the agreement, about 1200 billion USD of cheap facilities will be injected into the mining and mineral sector.

He said that following the conclusion of the cooperation agreement between the National Iranian Copper Corporation and the Investment Fund for Mining Activities of other funds, the petitioner said that with the implementation of this contract and with the guarantee of granting by the insurance fund, processing lines and Concentration of small copper mines is activated.

Actually, this will be an effective step towards restoring the processing movement and ensuring a portion of the National Cuisine`s concentrate feed," he said.

According to a peasant, one of the ways to increase productivity and transparency, and reduce administrative bureaucracy is to mechanize the application for and review of insurance policies by the fund.

He added: Due to the length of time requested, reviewed and introduced to the bank in the fund over the past years, this issue was one of the important issues that should be addressed in the interests of transparency and increased customer satisfaction. Almost the customer relationship management project has 80% of project progress and is expected to be unveiled this August.

Farmers raised the Fund`s credit ceiling from 3 times to 4 times the stock at the Mellat Bank, rebuilding the fund`s building and negotiating with Volvo for importing machinery from other objectives of the Inland Insurance Fund from other measures and programs of the Investment Insurance Fund for Mineral Resources.

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