Mining employment capacity of Semnan mine is at least 200 thousand people / 60% of the economic burden of Semnan on the mining section
Mining News Pro - The head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mining and Agriculture of Semnan said that the capacity of the mining sector of the province could be raised to at least 200,000 if infrastructure barriers and depressive problems were resolved.

Ali Asghar Jomei added that if the infrastructure is provided, the mining sector can carry 60% of the economic burden in Semnan.

He stated that the province of Semnan has the richest form of minerals, said that the province has the first place to store several minerals in the country with significant capacity to reduce unemployment.
It should be noted that 40% of Gypsum, 60% Salt, 95% Celestine, 95% Zeolite, 15% Sodium Sulfate, 15% coal and 20% chromite of the country are discovered in Semnan province.
Jomei described surface exploration as one of the mineral problems in the province and stated: According to the global standard, mineral exploration operations should be carried out to a depth of 500 meters, while the average is only 10 meters in Semnan.

The chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Semnan, saying that 40 percent of the mineral units of the province are inactive due to lack of water, crude and lack of a sales market, continued, "In the past two years, more than 10 mines in the province have been closed due to lack of water, which should be by adopting coherent measures, these units will be restored to the production cycle.
He announced the number of people working in the Semnan Mineral Units at least five thousand people, adding: "The challenge of water scarcity is not the main reason for the lack of implementation of development projects in the mining sector of the province.

Friday, the ministry said, "The mines need only water and electricity, and access roads, which is the legal task of government institutions.
Semnan province has 2, 10, 10 licensees in the industry and mining sector. The average productivity of these units was 42 percent due to implementation of the government`s plans, and the number of passive units in this province fell from 33 percent to 27 percent.

40 types of mineral and annual, nearly 16 million tons of minerals in the province are extracted from Semnan more than 700 thousand people.

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