Mobarakeh Steel, the tallest active participant of the Tehran Stock Exchange in the spring of 2018 / National cooper (NICICO) and Golgohar fourth and fifth
Mining News Pro - The list of 50 more active Tehran Stock Exchange companies for the first quarter of 2018 was announced that slightly changed slightly from the last three months of 2017. In the meantime, mining companies and mineral industries enjoyed a good reputation.

The list of 50 more active Tehran stock exchanges for the first quarter of 2018 was announced, adding 4 companies out of the list and adding 4 new companies. According to the report,
In the current period, the "Spherical, Up, and Output" symbols were withdrawn from 50 more active Tehran Stock Exchange companies. " were added to the list of 50 more active Tehran stock exchanges, and the symbols "Prayer, Trade, Feira and Sep" were added to this list.

Five more active companies

Meanwhile, "Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Company, Iran Mobile Communications Company, National Iranian Copper Industry and Golgohar" were five more active stock exchanges in the spring of 2018.

Sixth to fifteenth rankings

The details of this information are as follows: Oil and gas and petrochemicals supply companies, Iran telecoms, Bandar Abbas oil refinery, Isfahan oil refining, Jam Petrochemicals, Persian Oil and Gas Development, Khuzestan Steel, Chadormalu, Ghadir Investment and Services Informatics "is ranked sixth to fifth in the list of most active companies in the spring of 2018.

Companies in category 16 to 30

On the other hand, grades 16 to 30 are for Mobin Petrochemical Companies, Tehran Oil Refining, Hope Investment Management, Mining and Metals Development, MAPNA Group, Iran Shipping Company, Khar Petrochemicals, Mellat Bank, Iran Khodro, Saderat Bank, Petrochemical Campus, Pension Fund Investment, National Development Group, Saipa Investment Bank and Trading Bank.

20 companies listings

According to the report, Fajr Petrochemical Company, Petrochemical Technology, Tabriz Oil Refinery, Khorasan Steel, Shazand Petrochemical Company, Iranian Oil Company Petrochemical Company, Ansar Bank, Parsian Bank, Behran Oil, Iran Transfo, Iran Aluminum, Pars Khodro, Kaveh Steel, South Kish , Calcium, Pharmacy Lab Dr. Obiidi, Sepahan Oil Seed, New Economy Bank, to pay the nation and investment in Iran`s chemical industry »ranked 31 to 50. Given the experience of international stock exchanges, the identification of preferred or preferred companies is often based on the liquidity criteria of the stock, the firm`s impact on the market, and the superiority of the financial ratios.

Active companies identification method

Accordingly, the identification of more active companies in Tehran Stock Exchange based on a combination of the power of liquidity of shares and the volume of trading in the trading room "number and value of traded exchanges", the frequency of trading in the trading room "Number of trading days and trading times and the measure of the company`s impact on the market is "The average number of shares issued and the average current value of the shares of the company during the review period."

It should be noted that 50 more active stock exchanges are calculated based on the quarterly period and updated every three months in an accumulated manner.

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