Possibility to allocate foreign currency to stubborn exporters / stonemasons` exporters to bring the currency back to the country
Mining News - The chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian rock association, pointing out that in the current period, even the entry of a dollar into the country is high, the government has determined the export of raw materials, said that the state of duties for export stones in the present situation is not in the interest of the country.

Abolghasem Shafiei, referring to the presence of nearly 100 exporters in the industry, who are micro-exporters, said that the government has not yet announced its plans for these categories of exporters, and it is likely that the "agreed exchange rate" on the stock exchange to be considered for them.

He added: "In the past two months, members of the association have been exporting stones, but it is not clear how and with what mechanism they should return the currency.

The president of Iran`s Stone Association, regarding the crude charge of the industry, said that even a square meter of stones and finished products from it will not be returned to the country.

He stated that 40,000 stone blocks are active in the country, but the main disadvantage of the industry is the inability to export, saying: In 2008, Iran exported 2 times to Turkey ($ 80 million versus $ 40 million), but exports Today, Turkey has reached $ 2.6 billion, and Iran`s exports are only $ 200 million. Shafiy pointed out that at the current level, even the entry of a dollar into the country is high, the government has determined the effects on raw materials exports, he said: "The tax burden on export stones in the current situation is not in the interest of the country, since the minimum income earned by activists The exporter blows. In Turkey, not only does decorative stones exporters not be taxed, but the activists of this class also enjoy tax exemption; while only 20% of Iran`s stony exports are exempt from taxes.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Stone Society warned: "With the reintroduction of this procedure and the complications, Iran`s re-exports of rocks will decrease and it will be a kind of self-harm.

Referring to the increase in the dollar, the activists of the consumer industry are the dollar because the items and machine tools such as loader, bulldoz, wire cutting, drill, etc. are subject to global rates, but despite numerous requests, the currency is still 4200 USD The activists of this class are not assigned; therefore, as the rates increase, the members of the association also suffer losses.

Shafiy described the three main demands of the class activists from the government to return the tax exemptions to the state, suspend the export of stones, and support exporters and provide them with facilities.

Shafi`i referred to some false information in the field of iron ore, saying that it was alleged that the Chinese had launched a rocky factory on the ship and that Iranian exports of stone in Bandar Abbas to these ships became processed products and re- Iran is returning, it is a mere lie and there are no such ships.
The Chinese now prefer to import from Turkey to Iran, because the goods are opened by opening a documentary credit,said the activist of the stone, referring to the import of 27 million tons of China`s raw rock, of which only one million tons are supplied from Iran. Lc, one-year-old from Turkey, after turning it into processed products and selling them, but it cannot get the IR from Iran.

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